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amanda walls

With over a decade's experience in digital marketing, Amanda is an expert in all things SEO, PPC and Digital PR.

Amanda started out her career in digital marketing at a full-service digital marketing agency, progressing from content writer through to strategist, through to operations manager and then on to Head Of Digital. A fully qualified journalist and PR practitioner, she then combined her knowledge of SEO and PPC with her background in Digital PR to create Cedarwood, an agency which specialised in SEO, PPC and Digital PR.

Amanda has trained over 10,000 individual across the UK through Facebook's Digital Skills Training Program and Google's Digital Garage. In addition, she spent several years training businesses across the UK in digital marketing with Imparture and was the UK's highest rated trainer with an average rating of 9.7. She's a frequent conference speaker and thought leadership contributor and her talks and digital expertise have been showcased at events including Digital DNA, MissingLink LIVE, Sheffield Digital, SME 2019, Natwest Content LIVE, Get Online Week, Retail Right, Cardiff Business Expo, Digital Lancashire and the Digital Shift Summit.

Professional Qualifications

Google Ads Qualifications:

Google Analytics Individual Qualification

Educational Qualifications

MA Global Communications – La Trobe University (First Class Honours)

BA Communications (Journalism) – RMIT University (First Class Honours)

Victorian Certificate Of Education – Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School (A*A*A*/97.2)
English Language, Mathematical Methods, Specialist Mathematics, Chemistry, History (Revolutions), Philosophy, French & Chinese (Mandarin)

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