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With a proven track record delivering successful Google Shopping strategies, if you are looking to grow your ecommerce business through visibility & sales, you have come to the right place. Find out more by reading our Case Studies.

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Everything we do is driven by data & this is what really drives results, sales & most important ROI for your business. We focus on maximising revenue & profits rather than just driving sales, ensuring we are maximising your bottom line.

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With a wide range of ecommerce clients we are experts in Google Shopping. We understand the product & how to maximise it on a case by case basis using all of Google’s latest tools (plus a few of our own!)

What is Google Shopping?

Content Reviewed By Anna Simpson, Paid Media Manager

Content Updated: 19/10/2023

Google Shopping or Product Listing Ads as they can also be known refers to the advertising option within the Google Ads platform to list products for sale within the Google Shopping tab & at the top of the search results on the Google search platform. Google Shopping is a popular advertising tool for ecommerce stores as it allows users to list their products along with a photo, price & brief description to users who can view this information prior to clicking, this often leads to a much higher level of engaged user & overall better conversion rate.

Google Shopping is displayed in two formats; for search results where Google believes there is active purchase intent you can view the results at the top of  the traditional search results screen, whereas for search results with lower search intent or volume there is a separate “Google Shopping” tab where users can view products & also compare & contrast prices & reviews to find the right seller for them – this gives users options to choose between providers and promotes competition.

Google Shopping also allows you to user Seller Ratings or user reviews which can be displayed in the search results – this makes it hugely popular as it allows you to demonstrate how strong your customer service is thus adding in additional trust signals to your standard user journey.

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How Does Google Shopping Work?

Google Shopping is set up with the Google Ads interface through what we call a Google Merchant Centre – users or an agency upload a product feed into the Merchant Centre which lists every product that you are looking to sell along with a range of attributes i.e. size, colour, price, availability etc… – the product feed can be taken from your website either through an XML upload or through a direct integration with products & platforms such as Shopify, WordPress etc…

Once you have set up a product feed this essentially tells Google everything it needs to know about your product in order to display it. Google will match attributes of your product such as colour, title & size to a user’s search intent & query & will use these attributes to show your product in the search results – this is why it’s so important to set up your feed properly & optimise it for maximum exposure!

Once the feed is complete you import the feed into the Google Ads interface, this allows you to then set bids for the products at product level – you can set the cost that you would like to pay per click for each product & also apply any other conditions such as whether or not you would like it to show on specific devices, at specific times or in specific countries.

Once in the Google Ads interface you can then treat this as you would a standard campaign & apply your bid adjustments, budgets & targeting as needed for your campaign. This allows you to advertise your products effectively using a range of strategies & bid options.

Google Shopping Case Studies

Casa Bella Furniture


Helping Casa Bella Furniture to grow their presence as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of mango, indian wood & industrial furniture.

⚡️ 60% YOY Growth
⚡️ 42% Transaction Growth YOY
⚡️ 6.5% Conversion Rate Increase




Growing Watches2U sales nationally and launching internationally into over 30 countries worldwide.

⚡️ 33 Countries Targeted
⚡️ 27% Increase In Sales
⚡️ 29% Conversion Rate Increase


Hayes Garden World


Growing an online presence to become one of the UK's leading independent garden furniture retailers.

⚡️ 100% Growth Over Two Year
⚡️ 1,050% ROAS
⚡️ 15% Decrease In CPC YOY


Salt Of The Earth


Helping Salt Of The Earth expand their DTC offering, growing sales and remaining competitive against retailers.

⚡️ 74% Increase In Revenue
⚡️ 50% Increase In Transactions
⚡️ 15% Increase In Average Order Value


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Google Shopping Services

Feed Management

Effective feed management & optimisation is key to a successful Google Shopping campaign. Our feed management process &experience helps to ensure maximum visibility for your Google Shopping Ads –
putting you directly in front of an audience who is looking for your product. 

Bid Strategies

Bid strategies play a key role in effectively marketing your shopping products & maximising return, ROAS & also bidding efficiency. We are experienced in utilising a range of bid strategies to maximise the value of your Google Shopping campaigns & can really help you to get the most out of your visibility & return.

Performance Max

Working with the latest products is a key part of our Google Shopping service & when it comes to Performance Max we are all over it.

Our Google Shopping service includes implementation of key campaigns including PMax across your account to ensure that your Product Listing Ads are being optimised.

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Why Should I Use An Agency To Manage My Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a very sophisticated & competitive product, when used effectively it can help to drive at volume sales & revenue to your business, but when set up incorrectly or not maximised it has the potential to cost you money & also most importantly – opportunity.

Working with an experienced Google Shopping Agency really helps you to maximise exposure & also get the most bang for your buck! Agencies won’t just help to drive & increase your revenue, they will also help to improve the overall efficiency of the account, ensuring a much lower level of budget wastage & that money is being spent where it should be.

Agencies also have access to a range of tools & products which can help to boost the performance of your Google Shopping campaigns. From feed inventory tools, to API tools, to simply having know-how in Excel, being able to work with large volumes of data quickly allows agencies to make multiple changes in an effective & efficient manner which could often take hours to do manually – this in time can save time & money, leaving more time to be focusing on what really counts, growing your account & improving your revenue!


A Trusted Partner

Google & Microsoft Ads Partners

Don’t just take our word for it – Google & Microsoft have bestowed their trust on us as part of their respective partner programmes!

To be a Google Partner we need to adhere to the following criteria:

  1. Maximize Campaign Success: An account optimisation score of at least 70%
  2. Drive Client Growth: Maintain & grow a high level spend across our client accounts over a 90-day period
  3. Demonstrate Our Expertise: Ensure that at least 50% of our agency staff are certified on the latest Google products & soluctions.

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Google Shopping Agency FAQs

Granularity & efficiency is very much the key to getting the most out of Google Shopping – listing a product on Google isn’t hard, in fact anyone can do it, the challenge is in optimising the feed to maximise exposure, bidding effectively & using granularity & labelling to ensure that you are putting the right product in front of the right user at the right time. 

To really maximise Google Shopping you need to take the time to understand your audience & what they are searching for & also to refine how your ads are displaying, this means looking at how to effectively bucket or segment these so that they are showing for appropriate user search queries/search terms & also to ensure that you aren’t showing ads for products that users don’t want or that aren’t in stock at that time!

The Google Merchant Centre is an area within Google’s Advertising platform where you can upload product feeds – it’s essentially a home to all of your products & product information that you’re looking to use for advertising purposes. The Merchant Centre pulls together all of your product data in an easily digestible format & allows it to be imported into the Google Ads interface so that you can advertise.

Within the Google Merchant Centre you have the ability to manually improve & update the feed, identify any potential feed errors that might be occurring & also add promotions – the promotions are particularly useful if you are running a special offer, discount or free shipping as they allow you to show this directly within Google Shopping which can be a great way to convert users or to get them to click on your ads as opposed to a competitor. 

Used effectively, Google Merchant Centre is an essential tool within your advertising toolkit as it allows you to effectively optimise your feed & ensure that your products are shown effectively to the right target market.

Optimisation of your Google Merchant Centre Feed is very important to not only ensuring that your products are eligible to serve without any errors but also to ensure that Google is able to easily read your product descriptions & attributes & therefore return your ad within a search result for a relevant product search term.

Merchant Centre optimisation ensures that you are giving Google as much information as you possibly can to enable it to return the product relevantly within the search results. It also helps to ensure that your product information is accurate & using options such as automatic product updates which work with you to scan the website for any mismatched information can also be very valuable for this.

You can read more about optimising your Google Merchant Centre Feed in our blog post here

Having your Google Shopping managed effectively is important to ensuring that you are maximising the product from both an efficiency & spend perspective. It also helps you to get the most out of your advertising & gives you the trust that you have a team looking after your Google Shopping campaigns at all times.

Management also ensures that you are staying up to date with the local trends across Google Shopping & this is key to staying ahead of the curve & also ahead of your competitors. With new products constantly being brought to market, working with an expert in Google Shopping management helps to ensure that you are always on-trend & maximising your advertising budgets.

A Comparison Shopping Service or CSS provider is a provider who can place shopping ads on the Google Shopping service for merchants within the European Economic Area (EEA). Google Shopping is one example of a CSS but there are many more providers out there that also offer a similar service, you will see these displayed under the product listing ad within the Google Search results.

You’re not limited to advertising with one CSS, but can actually advertise with a number of CSS providers at the same time. Google will try its hardest to ensure that your products do not compete against each other & that there will not be multiple listings for given advertisers so you can have some peace of mind that you won’t be competing in an auction essentially against yourself.

You can find out more about CSS providers and how they work in our blog post here 

Yes – every advertiser has the ability to showcase reviews or “seller ratings” within the search results for their Google Shopping product listing ads. In order to show reviews or “product ratings” you need to have a minimum of 50 reviews across all of your products, using a review service that is one of Google’s trusted review aggregators. If you don’t currently collect reviews then Google offers options such as Google Consumer Reviews to allow you to start collating these so you have the option to showcase them within the search results. 

Once you have the reviews it is then up to Google to determine if & when it showcases the results, in order for the results to be showcased you need to ensure that your products continue to adhere to Google’s product rating guidelines & that they are deemed relevant for your customer’s needs.

If you are considering Google Shopping then chances are that you have heard about Performance Max. PMax is a campaign type that you can utilise within Google Shopping that works closely with Google’s algorithms to target users and consumers.

There’s many benefits to working with the PMax algorithm and if you want to find out more about it, we’ve written a blog here which discusses the benefits and drawbacks of using Performance Max with Google Shopping.

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