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High Link Quality

We know links are all about quality over quantity and that’s why we’ll work with you to generate high quality links, not 100s of links a month – after all John Mueller himself said that one high quality link can offer more value than a whole bunch of lower quality ones and who are we to argue?

Proven Record Of Results

With years of experience delivering solid Digital PR campaigns, we have a proven track record of results across the board. We know how to build links in hard to build verticals and we know how to get your content placed on nationals and regionals consistently. Looking for a white label option which delivers results? Read our Case Studies to see our proven track record of creating great Digital PR.

100% Earned Links

All of the links that we create through Digital PR are 100% earned. We don’t buy links and would never pay another company to place our content. Why? It’s against Google’s guidelines and others shouldn’t be doing it either. So you can trust when you work with us on a Digital PR campaign that 100% of the links that you land will be fully earned.

What is White Label Digital PR?

Content Reviewed & Fact Checked By Amanda Walls, Director

Content Updated: 17/9/2022

White label Digital PR is exactly the same as traditional Digital PR but instead of doing it for our clients directly, we activate Digital PR campaigns on behalf of other agencies who put their branding on it to deliver it to clients – simple right? White label Digital PR is a popular option for agencies who are looking to bring on additional resource or simply don’t offer Digital PR directly and are looking to improve their offering of this – whatever the reason might be, our Digital PR service has a proven track record of delivering links time and time again.

White label Digital PR usually comes about as the result of two main reasons – initially that an agency might not have enough resource to action a specific task or campaign in-house and are looking to draw on additional external resource to supply this, or secondly an agency might not have a Digital PR specialism (perhaps they are a web design agency or just a paid media agency) and therefore may be looking to work together with a partner to deliver a full service which might include Digital PR from particular specialists.

Clients We've Worked With

How Do We Approach White Label Digital PR?

Our approach to White label Digital PR is the same as our approach to traditional Digital PR and we work on a quality over quantity policy across all our Digital PR project. We keep your business goals in mind and given that traditionally Digital PR is used to drive website and SEO growth, we know how important the quality of a single link can be compared to getting a number of average links to point towards the website.

Our Digital PR approach covers a range of tasks including newsjacking (reactive and proactive), data campaigns, product placements, thought leadership and much more… we tailor our Digital PR strategies to meet the client’s business goals, so no two Digital PR strategies are the same and they are designed to maximise return and visibility for our clients.

The main difference with white label Digital PR is in the way that we communicate with the client, as in most instances rather than liaising with the client directly we will work through an account manager at the chosen agency. We’re flexible in the way that we can communicate across our campaigns and usually leave this up to the agency to dictate what they feel will work best for the end client.

Digital PR Case Studies

Hayes Garden World


Lonely Plants Club

⚡️ Links: 23
⚡️ Average Domain Rank: 78

Newsjacking the end of lockdown to help provide insight into how lonely plants can get when their owners leave home.


Patient Claim Line

Lead Generation

COVID19 & Medical Treatment

⚡️ Links: 130+
⚡️ Average Domain Rank: 54

Working with our client’s in-house expertise to discuss medical treatment delays due to COVID-19 & the rights around this.


Little Loans

Lead Generation

Thought Leadership

⚡️ Links: 40+
⚡️ Average Domain Rank: 68

Helping to drive links to the Little Loans website through Thought Leadership initiatives & expertise.


Mist E Liquid


Pet Smoking Survey

⚡️ Links: 39
⚡️ Average Domain Rank: 70

Launching a survey to find out how much the average Brit knows about how smoking can affect their pet.


EZ Shopper


Product Placements:
Gaming Desks

⚡️ Links: 38
⚡️ Average Domain Rank: 66

Working with our client to land great exposure (and links!) from national & niche retailers for their range of gaming desks.




Love Island Couples

⚡️ Links: 15
⚡️ Average Domain Rank: 52

Evaluating how long Love Island couples last after the show to generate a great clickbait infographic for regional & mainstream media.


Fletchers Solicitors

Lead Generation

Road Fines

⚡️ Links: 60+
⚡️ Average Domain Rank: 72

Capitalising on trending topics by offering expert commentary and data led details to offer valuable insight to the audience.


Cash Lady

Lead Generation

Cheapest Roast Dinners

⚡️ Links: 112+
⚡️ Average Domain Rank: 55

Reviewing the UK’s leading supermarkets to identify which supermarket provides the ingredients for the cheapest roast dinner.


Cycle SOS

Lead Generation

Earphones Fines

⚡️ Links: 53+
⚡️ Average Domain Rank: 66

Jumping On Trending News Topics To Drive High Quality Relevant Links.


Bobbi Beck


Thought Leadership

⚡️ Links: 33
⚡️ Average Domain Rank: 78

Delivering strong expertise-led coverage for a wallpaper brand, designed to drive high quality, relevant links into the website and help to build awareness and authority.


The Electronic Cigarette Company


TV Show Complaints

⚡️ Links: 52
⚡️ Average Domain Rank: 70

Evaluating data to look at the ten most complained about shows of 2022.




The "Odds Of"

⚡️ Links: 21
⚡️ Average Domain Rank: 77

Using data to evaluate the "odds of" certain events happening to drive data-led Digital PR coverage for the website.


Our Testimonials & Reviews

White Label Digital PR Services

Proactive Newsjacking

Our proactive newsjacking service can put your clients at the front of the conversation and quickly. Our white label proactive newsjacking monitors ongoing trends around your clients to put you front and centre of the conversation, this in turn builds solid high quality links which are expertise driven and can also drive great referral traffic by being topical and gaining high readership.

Reactive Newsjacking

Reactive newsjacking is a great way to showcase your brand’s expertise and put it in front of the right audience at the right time. Our white label reactive newsjacking service reviews constantly trending topics to put you right in the mix with expert, authoritative comments at the right time. This can lead to great brand exposure for you at a time where a product or service is trending as well as those all valuable high quality links back to the website.

Product Placements

Product placements are one of our biggest areas of expertise and whether you are looking to get your products across major nationals or simply looking for some specific coverage within a vertical we have you covered. With years of experience we have great relationships with a range of journalists who are ready to cover your products. You can read more in our case studies – for national coverage view our Hayes Garden World product placement case study and for more niche coverage in specific verticals view our EZ shopper product placement case study.

Data-Led Campaigns

Data-led campaigns are a great way to garner interest around your brand and those all-important links back to the site. Using data we will generate great reports, hooks and interesting facts that journalists love to cover. Our white label Digital PR services can research, create and outreach data-led campaigns designed to drive traffic and links back to your website.

Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is a great way to build links which are important for that crucial E-A-T element of your SEO strategy – and at the same time they can generate great coverage for yourself and your brand, helping to establish you as a thought leader. Our white label service will work with your thought leaders and spokes people to generate content or outreach relevant newsworthy content to land you coverage.

Media Monitoring

Our media monitoring service works closely with tools like Gorkana and Vuelio to ensure we are on top of relevant trends and ready to put you at the front of the conversation. We are constantly getting requests from journalists who are looking for information and between our traditional tools and Twitter (#journorequest #prrequest) we are working constantly to gain coverage for our clients.

Why Choose Us For Your White Label Digital PR?

As an agency we specialise in SEO, PPC and Digital PR – that means we are experts in the field and devote all of our time into these three specialisms specifically. As such, rather than a full service agency we are able to really hone in our time and expertise across specific verticals which in turn ensure that we are always on-trend and on top of the latest products, approaches and techniques which other agencies may have missed by having a broader focus.

Our Case Studies page speaks for itself and we have a solid track record activating successful Digital PR campaigns, even in industries which are traditionally difficult to build for such as gaming, loans and medical negligence – we understand that in Digital PR it’s all about having great data and a great angle, if you have this you can make it work across any vertical and that’s what we’ve done time and time again.

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White Label Digital PR Agency Manchester FAQs

Content Reviewed & Fact Checked By Amanda Walls, Director

Content Updated: 17/9/2022

White Label Digital PR can be an invaluable service if you are currently a business who struggles to build links, if you are an agency that’s short on resource to do so, if you are an SEO agency that doesn’t have an inhouse offering, or if you are currently buying links to supplement your SEO service (please – you don’t have to do this!)

Digital PR is an important aspect of a solid SEO campaign and after the technical SEO elements are implemented it is really the on-site content and link acquisition areas that are going to make the true difference to your campaign. We have a wide range of Digital PR case studies which show how valuable link acquisition can be – and the real time value that it can add to your SEO campaigns, so if you are struggling with link acquisition and you need additional resource, enquire now to find out more about how we can help.

There’s a whole host of reasons that a company might choose a white label Digital PR service, but there are a number of common themes that run through:

Lack Of Resource

Let’s be honest, we’re right in the middle of The Great Resignation – and as a result you may find that you are somewhat short of resource within your Digital PR/link building arm – this isn’t uncommon, but if you find yourself in this position the our white label Digital PR service is here to help!

We can supplement your own Digital PR offering with our own expertise, or we can run campaigns for you, it’s completely up to you. Our customisable packages are designed to work around your needs and deliver the results that you want.

No Digital PR Service

It may be that you are a pure performance marketing agency, perhaps you just deliver SEO/PPC – and if this is the case you may not have a Digital PR arm or the ability to links within the agency. We have a number of agencies contact us in this position where we can simply provide just a Digital PR service to supplement their in-house SEO service, delivering high quality links time and time again and adding real SEO value.

Inability/Struggle To Build Links

The latter is an ongoing challenge – perhaps you’ve tried for a few months to build links with no success, but you know that you need Digital PR to help with the success of your SEO campaign? If you find yourself in this position then looking at a white label Digital PR service could be a way to help drive those all important links that you need, in addition to helping to support your overall SEO strategy and driving authority back into your website.

Digital PR plays a really important role across an omni-channel campaign as it not only helps to drive awareness for your brand online, which can include key referral traffic, but it also helps to drive those all-valuable high quality links into the website which can play a crucial role in supporting your overall SEO campaigns.

Digital PR also helps you to promote great content and can be a really nice way to build your brand online alongside other paid and earned channels which you might already be pushing, allowing you to deliver a really holistic marketing mix.

White labelling Digital PR also allows you to keep ultimate account management at one touchpoint rather than having to liaise with an external Digital PR agency – this can be a great way to strengthen your own relationship with your client, in addition to ensuring that there is a consistent line of communication at all times.

One of the key areas of concern around white labeling tends to be in relation to communication with the client – and often this can be smoothed out before the campaign even starts by establishing clear paths of communication to ensure there is no overlap or confusion on the part of the client or the agency.

We are flexible in the way that we can communicate with both yourselves and also the client, and we often leave it up to the agency to decide what they feel is the best method of communication, this can either be dealing directly with the client or through a pre-existing account manager who can manage that relationship – by ironing this out early on there should be no communication issues and the white label campaign should run smoothly. We have a lot of experience with white labeling Digital PR – so we’re always happy to chat about what we feel might work best and support you with this.

Our white label Digital PR service is incredibly scalable and we have a range of packages to suit companies of all different sizes.

Currently we work with a range of businesses from in-house teams through to agencies and we can find a package that is right for you, as well as supporting you on your growth should we need to. Digital PR is incredibly scalable and our white label service along with the years of expertise within the Digital PR space means that we are well-placed to be able to scale this type of product for you. 

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