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Data-Driven Experts

Data is at the heart of everything we do & the beauty of PPC is that there’s never a shortage of data! Working closely with large data sets allows us to extract the most out of your campaigns & identify key gaps within the market – maximising your marketing spend.

Google & Microsoft Partners

Google & Bing qualified experts & partners – we’re recognised by the two biggest search engines on the planet for our skills & expertise & are proud to be a part of their partner program – so you can rest assured that your PPC accounts are in safe hands.

Proven Track Record

Don’t just take our word for it – scroll to further down the page to have a read through our PPC case studies & find out more about how we have helped to drive leads & conversions across a range of businesses in a range of different verticals – so if you’re looking for a Manchester-based PPC agency, you’ve come to the right place!

Best PPC Agency 2023

Best Use Of Data (PPC) - Silver
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Best Small Integrated Search Agency 2023
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What Is PPC?

Content Reviewed & Fact Checked By Amanda Walls, Director

Content Updated: 05/07/2023

PPC or Pay-Per-Click is a form of online advertising, run predominantly through Google Search & Microsoft Ads which allows users to place ads within the search results. PPC isn’t just limited to Pay-Per-Click however, it’s often known to describe a broader range of online advertising options including Display Advertising, Remarketing & often also Paid Social Advertising.

PPC is a popular option for businesses who are looking to make immediate sales and drive leads as the immediacy of online advertising means that you can get your brand, product or service in front of the audience immediately – helping to generate exposure and sales for your brand – so if you are looking for immediate results (with longer term efficiency gains) then PPC is a great channel for you.  

Why Do I need PPC?

When optimised well, PPC can be an incredibly effective and scalable marketing approach and our Manchester-based PPC team can help you to achieve this.  

Pay-Per-Click is a great way to advertise as it’s a way to instantly reach your audience without having to wait for the time of other options such as SEO, or without needing a pre-existing engaged audience such as through Email Marketing. As such, it’s a popular option for people who are looking to bring a new product to the market, reach an audience quickly or expand their existing marketing options to reach a larger audience.

Clients We've Worked With

From medium-sized businesses through to large multinationals (and internationals!) we've
worked with a range of clients (just like you!) to deliver some great results.

How Does PPC Work & How Do We Approach It?

PPC works in a number of different ways depending on the path that you choose to bring to market, but the most common approaches are through Text Ads Advertising, Display Advertising or Google Shopping & each of these work in their own individual way.

Text Ads Advertising

Text Ads Advertising works by placing ads within the search results on a particular search engine. This is often a super high intent way of advertising because we are targeting people with text ads at the time when they are likely to need the product or service the most – at the time that they are searching for it. This is an incredibly effective way to target an audience if you know what they are searching for & can take them directly to the result.

Display Advertising                                     

Display Advertising does what it says on the tin – it displays your ad. Display advertising is designed to drive awareness & growth – the Google Display Network covers 90% of websites alone & can bring you millions of impressions each month, which is a great way if you are looking to grow a brand or alternately looking to remarket to an existing audience.

Google Shopping                                   

Google Shopping or Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are a great way to advertise products through online search engines. Both Google & Microsoft Ads offer shopping options which allow you to display a picture of your product along with key information & price – this is a great way to give users details they might be looking for prior to click (and making some savings at the same time!)

Whether you’re looking at any of the above options or other, the key facet behind PPC is that it’s data driven. Our approach involves combining online data with your offline data to ensure we are matching our goals to your business goals – making sure we focus on true Conversion Value for your business rather than just soft metrics such as CPA or CPC.

PPC Case Studies

Don't just take our word for it - read through our wide range of case studies to find out how
we've delivered great results for companies across the UK & overseas.

Casa Bella Furniture


Helping Casa Bella Furniture to grow their presence as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of mango, indian wood & industrial furniture.

⚡️ 60% YOY Growth
⚡️ 42% Transaction Growth YOY
⚡️ 6.5% Conversion Rate Increase




Growing Watches2U sales nationally and launching internationally into over 30 countries worldwide.

⚡️ 33 Countries Targeted
⚡️ 27% Increase In Sales
⚡️ 29% Conversion Rate Increase


Hayes Garden World


Growing an online presence to become one of the UK's leading independent garden furniture retailers.

⚡️ 100% Growth Over Two Year
⚡️ 1,050% ROAS
⚡️ 15% Decrease In CPC YOY


Patient Claim Line

Lead Generation

Driving leads & lead quality through effective utilisation of PPC and Display Advertising across Google & Microsoft.

⚡️ 91% Increase In Qualified Leads
⚡️ 5% Reduction In CPA
⚡️ 126% Increase In Leads YOY


Plastic Card Services


Helping PCS to drive strong B2B leads into the website and attracting highly qualified leads for a strong B2B brand.

⚡️ 59% Increase In Leads
⚡️ 29% Increase In Paid Traffic
⚡️ 52% Conversion Rate Increase


Born Ugly


Helping Born Ugly bring their brand to market and driving high quality leads through the website through solid audience based strategies.

⚡️ 142% Increase In Conversions
⚡️ 20% Decrease In CPA
⚡️ 56% Increase In Conversion Rate




Helping ChrisElli drive national and international growth in a market with much bigger competitors.

⚡️ 33 Countries Targeted
⚡️ 200% Increase In Revenue Over 3 Years
⚡️ 139% Increase In Transactions Over 3 Years


Salt Of The Earth


Helping Salt Of The Earth expand their DTC offering, growing sales and remaining competitive against retailers.

⚡️ 74% Increase In Revenue
⚡️ 50% Increase In Transactions
⚡️ 15% Increase In Average Order Value


Ecommerce / Lead Generation

Growing to increase their market share using location targeting and ad customizers.

⚡️ 267% Increase In Revenue
⚡️ 66% Increase In Transactions
⚡️ 36% Increase In Average Order Value


Lead Generation / Ecommerce

Helping drive significant growth in leads and in turn grow sales using creative strategies using Google's Dynamic Solutions.

⚡️ 67% Increase In Conversions
⚡️ 12% Reduction In CPA
⚡️ 247% Increase In Clickthrough Rate


Loop Cashmere

Ecommerce / DTC

Using tight audience targeting to drive growth across revenue, new customers and brand awareness for a luxury cashmere retailer.

⚡️ 150% Increase In Revenue
⚡️ 47% Increase In Average Order Value
⚡️ 78% Increase In ROAS


Cycle SOS

Lead Generation

Helping Cycle SOS increase high quality leads by increasing impression share, conversion rate & utilising a multi-channel approach.

⚡️ 130% Increase In Conversions
⚡️ 92% Increase In Conversion Rate
⚡️ 38% Decrease In CPA


Our Testimonials & Reviews

Read reviews of working with Cedarwood, directly from our clients.

What Our Industry Peers Say

What Our Clients Say

PPC Services

Text Ads

Creating high quality text ads designed to drive leads to your website. Putting your brand at the top of Google Search & driving new visitors through to your website with strong CTAs, ad copy & effective media bidding.

Display Ads

Utilising Display Advertising networks to drive growth across your brand & business. Creating innovative image & video ads to drive awareness & attract new visitors to your website. Increasing touchpoints & enhancing the overall user journey.


Remarketing is a powerful tool for bringing users back into the conversion journey & reminding users that they have visited products/services on your website. Used effectively, remarketing is  a great addition to your marketing funnel & can be used in either a Display or Dynamic environment.

Shopping Ads

Looking to sell a product online? Shopping Ads are one of the most powerful products that online advertisers offer to put your product in front of the right audience at the right time. Ecommerce is a speciality of ours & Shopping Ads are one of our key areas of expertise.

AdWords Scripts

Utilising a full range of AdWords Scripts to ensure that campaigns are optimised & driven as efficiently as possible. Taking away the manual aspect of many tasks to ensure we are maximising strategy time – getting the most out of your campaigns.

Feed Optimisation

A key part of successful Shopping Ads is ensuring that your feed is set up correctly. Our feed management service works directly with Google Merchant Centre to ensure that your feed is fully optimised, allowing your Shopping Ads to maximise their visibility.

What Are The Benefits Of PPC?

PPC Advertising is a great way to promote your product to an audience in a data-driven, cost-effective manner and if that’s what you’re looking for, our Manchester-based PPC team is here to help. 

With huge volumes of potential customers across search engines, PPC products allow you to reach an audience when they need you the most – when they are searching for your product/service – this means that you don’t just get visibility for a customer, you get visibility for a customer when it matters most to them & when they are already engaged & quite far down the conversion funnel.

But PPC benefits don’t just come in terms of conversion – they also come from a visibility perspective & the GDN can play an important role in ensuring that your brand gets clear visibility especially if you are trying to grow market exposure or launch a new product. 

Remarketing also plays a powerful role within your consumer experience & can add valuable touchpoints to your user journey as well as reminding clients of your products/services & nudging them back into the funnel where needed.


A Trusted Google Partner

Google & Microsoft Ads Partners

Don’t just take our word for it – Google & Microsoft have bestowed their trust on us as part of their respective partner programmes!

To be a Google Partner we need to adhere to the following criteria:

  1. Maximize Campaign Success: An account optimisation score of at least 70%
  2. Drive Client Growth: Maintain & grow a high level spend across our client accounts over a 90-day period
  3. Demonstrate Our Expertise: Ensure that at least 50% of our agency staff are certified on the latest Google products & soluctions.

Why Choose Us As Your Manchester PPC Agency?

So if you’ve landed on this page, chances are you are shopping around for a PPC agency & we know there are a lot out there for you to choose from!

We like to let our results speak for ourselves with happy client testimonials & a wide range of case studies. So please scroll up to read through our client testimonials & case studies to see our proven track record of delivering true value to businesses.

If you’re looking for more reassurance visit our LinkedIN profiles to see real world testimonials from clients just like you who we have helped to take to the next level. 

How Do I Know If PPC Is Right For My Business?

A lot of the times when businesses come to us they are either in two situations a) they have an existing campaign and want it improved or b) they are looking to start marketing and don’t know which channel to use, for the former, they likely already know that PPC is right and want to continue it, but if you are in the latter situation, chances are you’re trying to work out which digital marketing channel is most effective for your business.

PPC is a great way to get your product in front of an audience at the time they are looking for it – it’s high intent and low down the funnel. If you aren’t sure, that’s where our team of experts are here to help!

Find out more from our PPC experts.

Latest News From Our PPC Team

Manchester PPC Agency FAQs

Content Reviewed & Fact Checked By Amanda Walls, Director

Content Updated: 05/07/2023

Here at Cedarwood despite working with companies right around the world we are proud to be based in the heart of Manchester City Centre, so if you are looking for a PPC agency based in Manchester (or just a PPC agency in general!) you have come to the right place.

Whether you are near or far our team is on hand to help with your PPC needs. We work with clients right around the world from just 10 minutes down the road all the way around to Australia, Singapore and the United States. 

We have extensive experience working in the PPC sector across a range of industries, managing budgets from £10k to £500k per month across key client accounts, we understand how to get the best out of your campaigns, or if you’re just starting out we can help you to set them up from scratch! 

So wherever you are based – if you are looking for a fresh approach to PPC, get in touch! 

Depending on the PPC product that we are working with the auction can work in a number of different ways – however most commonly when we refer to the PPC auction we are talking about Text Ad Advertising which is the advertising that appears at the top (& bottom) of Google’s search results.

The Text Ad Auction works on an equation of Maximum CPC (Cost-Per-Click) * Ad Rank to determine a position within the search results. The benefit of having the Ad Rank metric is that Google doesn’t just look to award the top position to the advertiser who pays the most – rather there is a key focus on the quality of the advert.

The Ad Rank Metric is made up of a Quality Score – which comprises different elements including Expected CTR, Landing Page Experience & Ad Relevance – each of which are designed to improve the quality of the ads & are essential to ensure that you get good ad positioning. By improving the quality of your ad you can bring down your Max CPC – leading to still having a good position, but also spending less!

It’s worth noting that Google Shopping works in a slightly different way – working with a Search Impression Share – so the higher the bid the more available impressions & search space you will be able to gain.

PPC is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, given the exponential growth of the internet and the shift to digital business, customers, clients, users, and potential prospects are now more reachable than ever. A small, independent artist no longer has to limit themselves to their local community, and can instead push their products in front of millions of users around the world. The playing field has never before been so accessible, with web platforms allowing businesses to get online in a matter of hours. This increase in competition makes organic competition incredibly fierce and, in some cases, leaves marketers with no other option than to pay for exposure. 

PPC is an extremely popular marketing method due to one’s ability to directly attribute a level of spend with a result. With pay-per-click, the advertiser only spends when a user clicks the ad and so, in theory, the spend isn’t wasted. In this context, you have been successful in bringing the customer off the street and into your store. PPC is undoubtedly more complex than this; marketers around the world work to target their PPC efforts perfectly to bring in customers and users that are most likely to convert. This is why hiring a PPC agency is valuable to your business – they know the ins and outs, have experience of what works in what industries, and can help to scale your business more quickly due to their extensive knowledge of the channel. The strength of PPC agencies here is their ability to test a wide variety of metrics, such as the user’s location or the users demographic, to push advertising efforts to a smaller niche and give you more time to focus on other important business tasks. In a world where data is invaluable, understanding your customer is more important than ever before, and PPC is a huge component in allowing marketers to target users based on their intent.

A keyword’s ‘Quality Score‘ refers to a value out of 10 that Google attributes to a keyword based on a number of key variables;

  • Ad relevancy – How relevant is the advertisement to the keyword that it is returning for? Google is focused on making the user experience as seamless as possible, and therefore, it’s important to ensure that Ad copy is relevant. For example, if one was to search for ‘Red Running Shoes’, it would be ill-advised to return an ad with ‘Green Running Shoes’ in the ad copy. 
  • Landing page – The relevancy and performance of the landing page will affect a keyword’s quality score. If the page is poorly optimised – for either mobile or desktop – then Google may penalise the keyword based on these factors. Furthermore, similar to the ad relevance, the landing page must be relevant. The user searching for red running shoes should be returned to a page with red running shoes!
  • Expected click-through rate – This measures how likely your ad will be clicked on by a user if it is shown for that specific keyword. It takes into account past performance of that keyword based on where the ad was positioned as well as how that keyword has performed for other advertisers.

So what does this actually mean for PPC advertisers and why is this so important? 

Quality score is an incredibly powerful metric, as it allows marketers to level the playing field against bigger players in the market. Traditionally, PPC was dominated by those with the biggest pockets. If you paid the most, you returned the highest, simple. However, after the introduction of the quality score, marketers can now bid LESS than competitors and return HIGHER in the search results. Google, in this instance, is looking to reward marketers that push relevant ads. This isn’t to say that the bid value is irrelevant, as the amount one bids is still a key variable in the position the ad will be placed. However, see the quality score as a ‘mate’s rate’ at the auction, whereby Google is seeing your ads as relevant and suitable for the search that it’s returning for. This not only works for you, as your ads can be seen more at a reduced cost-per-click, but Google will be pushing ads that users are more likely to click on and find a successful result in doing so. Win-win.

Keyword analysis looks at identifying the search volumes, competition and cost of bidding for a certain keyword or search term. Analysing the behaviour of users, and the way in which they are searching, is one of the first steps in understanding their intent and stage in their consumer journey. This is extremely valuable in paid search (PPC), as it allows marketers to bid on keywords where they can see users are actively searching. Additionally, PPC can be targeted to the various stages of the consumer funnel based on the keywords that are analysed. For example, a user at the top of their consumption journey may be searching for “Types of Running Shoes,” whereas those with transactional intent would search for “Buy X Running Shoes”. 

PPC can be effective for all shapes and sizes, no matter the size of your budget. Often it can be difficult to know exactly how much should be spent on a PPC campaign, which is why we’re here to help! If you’re unsure about getting started with PPC or you’re curious about what PPC could do for you, why not get in touch using the form below, or have a read through our blog to get an understanding of how PPC could help you. 

When considering spend you will be looking at both media spend and agency spend. We usually recommend that you pay your media spend directly to Google so that you have the payment relationship with them and then we can manage the account on your behalf through an MCC. From an agency fee perspective, each agency charges different fees and they usually either work on a £/hr model or potentially a % of spend – we work on either, depending on your spend, with a minimum management fee of £2,000 per month. 

A lot of people ask this question! So let me take the time to explain the key differences between the two & why you might choose one or the other – or alternately both together!

Why Would I Choose PPC?

PPC is a great way to get started whether you’re looking to drive more visitors to your website, increase sales or simply improve visibility – it’s also a really great way to scale & get in front of an audience at a time when they need you the most. It can work standalone or supplement your other marketing efforts & given that so many people click on the ads at the top of the search results you know you are going to be front & centre of your audience. PPC is also very measurable –  you can see exactly what you’ve spent for exactly what return – this makes it a popular option for marketers who are looking to directly measure ROI.

Why Would I Choose SEO?

SEO is a great way to grow your visibility naturally & organically – although a more long-term project than PPC, SEO results are also usually there for the long-term. With PPC once the advertising stops, usually so does the traffic, with SEO the traffic can continue for a period of time until it drops off – making it a more sustainable approach to marketing.

SEO has a number of facets to it from technical SEO, to on-page content, through to Digital PR, this means that it often requires more people & a varying skillset to achieve a well-rounded SEO approach.

Why Would I Choose Both?

PPC & SEO can work really well together & if you choose the combination, as long as your attribution in order you can get the best of both worlds. PPC is a great starter – it allows you to have an immediate impact on your audience while you are building up the SEO support in the background. The benefit of having the SEO with it is that it’s always-on, so if at any point you need to pause your PPC you know that with good Organic Rankings you will still see a good level of traffic through to your website & when used properly, PPC can complement this & really drive the traffic growth you are looking for – together they can be a powerful combination.

Tracking is incredibly important in ensuring that you are measuring the results effectively and getting the most out of each marketing channel.

At the start of any PPC campaign we will undertake a full audit of your existing tracking set up to identify any concerns or issues that we are able to fix – this means that from the very start we are confident that the data you are tracking is accurate and giving the right results – allowing us to more effectively measure which campaigns are working well and look to improve efficiencies among those which aren’t. 

Our team are fully qualified in Google Analytics and have a good deal of experience working with Google Tag Manager and other related products to ensure that tracking is set up to the best standard – so you can rest assured that the data you are seeing is right. 

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