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Using paid search, we can connect your business with potential customers at every stage of their conversion journey. Let us maximise your exposure on Google’s search results page, creating effective ads that return for relevant keywords which match the user’s intent.


Google shopping can be one of the most effective platforms for retailers in today’s competitive digital environment. By implementing a product feed that’s optimised to match transactional searches, we can help you stand out amongst competitors and maximise your e-commerce potential.


Display Advertising can be a great tool for brand awareness and, when used correctly, for lead acquisition. Let us create visually stunning ads that engage with your users, grow visibility and generate new acquisitions for your website.


Remarketing is a powerful tool to try to bring past users back into the conversion funnel. We can create unique campaigns targeted to specific audience groups which are built from users’ previous engagements with your brand. Dynamic, Display, RLSA – we have it all covered.

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What can this PPC agency do for your business?

PPC is our passion, we ensure that your PPC account is as effective as possible by looking at a multitude of different aspects. Our PPC experts consider structure and targeting alongside innovative strategies, and know that the foundations are just as important as everything else. 

You may be thinking; well what make your PPC agency different from any other? We pride ourselves on getting to know your business inside out and really understanding what drives value for your business. This means we  can align our strategies with your core values and proposition. We are not focused on finding ways to make our metrics look good; we look at the bigger picture, understanding and driving real value from the bottom line.

Being an authentic PPC agency means that we love to help companies compete against the market leaders. Our aim is always to drive visibility for your brand and be able to make a real change in the industry, creating a more equal playing field to succeed. 

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2021 UK eCommerce Awards

– Small Agency Of The Year Winner

2022 Northern Digital Awards

– Best Digital Marketing Campaign – Retail – Finalist

– Best Small Digital Agency Of The Year Finalist

– Search Agency Of The Year Finalist

2021 UK Search Awards

– Best Small PPC Agency Finalist

2020 Northern Digital Awards

– Best Digital Marketing Campaign (Retail) Finalist

– Small Agency of the Year Finalist

– Small Digital Agency of the Year Finalist

2020 UK Biddable Media Awards

– Small Agency of the Year Finalist

2020 UK Biddable Media Awards

– Small Agency of the Year Finalist

2019 Northern Marketing Awards

– Best Retail Campaign Finalist

2019 UK Search Awards

– Best PPC Agency of the Year Finalist

2019 UK Digital Growth Awards 

– PPC Agency of the Year Finalist

2019 Digital Entrepreneur Awards

– Digital Team of the Year Finalist

2018 Northern eCommerce Awards

– Small Agency of the Year Finalist

Our Partners

We are proud to be recognised as a Google Partner and Microsoft Partner agency for our PPC services. We have achieved this by:

• Surpassing performance expectations for our clients by driving growth

• Managing a high level of ad spend across PPC accounts

• Showcasing excellent knowledge of PPC through professional accreditations.

Having this status, gives us a huge range of benefits including early access to the latest news, updates & product developments that are available within PPC, as well as detailed insights into the opportunities to take PPC accounts to the next level. 

We like to see ourselves as being ahead of the curve when it comes to all things PPC & having these relationships in place gives us the best opportunity to drive innovation for our clients, giving them a competitive advantage within their market.

As a competitive PPC agency, we are passionate about taking your PPC account to the next level.

Get in touch and we will conduct a free account review to tell you how to get there.

Discover The Power Of Pay-Per-Click​

At Cedarwood Digital we have experience working with a range of different clients, all presenting different challenges for paid search.

As a boutique PPC agency based in the heart of Manchester, we love to innovate, using a range of industry leading techniques and approaches to maximise your marketing efforts. Manchester may be our home, but our client base spans the whole of the UK, from small independents to large multinationals. From lead generation to eCommerce, we have the tools and experience to assist your every need.

Speak to a member of our team to see how PPC can work for you.

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Search advertising is a great way to get your brand, products and services in front of your desired audience at the right time. By undertaking extensive keyword research, we are able to highlight areas of opportunity for your business and highlight any potential to generate new customers/clients. To improve the effectiveness of our search campaigns, we ensure that we maximise the visibility of the ads. We do this by combining effective ad copy with additional search ad tools such as ad extensions and ad customisers. 

Google Shopping

Google Shopping is incredibly effective at displaying your products in front of users at the point where they are searching for them. Shopping ads show an image, title and the price of your product, alongside direct competitors. This improves the accessibility of your products, allowing users to instantly compare products from multiple retailers, all on the same page.

As a creative PPC agency, we are always on the lookout for new and innovative ways to maximise client potential and help your products stand out amongst competitors. Utilising Smart Shopping for our clients has enabled us to take shopping to the next level. Smart Shopping integrates Google’s machine learning algorithms and user data to help push products to those most likely to convert.

Google Shopping Graphics - Cedarwood Digital Manchester PPC & SEO Agency
Digital Marketing Agency Manchester

Display Ads

The Google Display Network shows ads on over 2 million sites, reaching over 90% of people on the Internet. Due to the huge volume of users that it can reach, it can be easy for advertisers to waste budget serving ads to users with no interest. That’s why at Cedarwood, we ensure that your display campaigns are targeted at relevant audience groups, ultimately improving the campaigns click-through and conversion rate.

Additionally, our use of new Google features such as Custom Intent audiences allows us to stay ahead of the game, by creating unique groups based on their search activity and intent. Partnering this granular targeting method with relevant and engaging creatives is our recipe for success!


Remarketing is one of the most important and undervalued aspects of paid search, which, when used effectively, can be utilised to maximize existing marketing channels as well as effectively prospect potential users with unique targeting. 

By creating granular audiences for specific user behaviours, we are able to retarget these users to ensure a more personalised ad. This ultimately can help with improving the retention rate and bringing the consumer back into the conversion funnel. Here at Cedarwood, we do this in many ways; for example, we use RLSA for search, and dynamic remarketing for Shopping and Display Remarketing within the Display Network.

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Remarketing Circle Cedarwood Digital Manchester PPC & SEO Agency

Monthly Reports with Google Data Studio

PPC management is only as effective as your ability to measure and quantify your efforts. As Official Google Partners, we find it works best when we integrate our products. We embrace Google Data Studio as our reporting platform, to give you detailed insights, with full analytics and ads integration. We believe transparency is the best way for us all to move towards a common goal. Monthly commentaries also assist in covering content plans for the future. Ultimately, we want to do what works for you, so our reports are tailored to meet your needs!


Frequently Asked Questions - PPC

PPC or ‘pay-per-click’ is a form of digital marketing used to drive traffic to a given website. PPC marketing is most commonly practised on search engine platforms such as Google or Bing. However, in recent years, PPC marketing on social platforms such as Facebook & LinkedIn, has seen tremendous growth.

Pay-per-click typically involves payment to the host of an advertisement every time a user clicks on the ad. As the industry has developed, there’s a wide variety of PPC applications that span beyond the basics of paying per click, however, the former is still a dominant strategy for paid marketing in 2020.

The most widely used PPC platform is Google Ads (Formerly Google Adwords) which allows advertisers to serve ads to users based on a search query or keyword. The platform, which was started just under 20 years ago, has evolved into a multi-billion dollar industry, alongside the growth of Google as the ‘front page of the internet’. PPC is practiced across a diverse range of different industries, small and large across the world, and continues to grow as a leading component of a measurable marketing strategy.

PPC is important for a number of reasons. Firstly, given the exponential growth of the internet and the shift to digital business, customers, clients, users, and potential prospects are now more reachable than ever. A small, independent artist no longer has to limit themselves to their local community, and can instead push their products in front of millions of users around the world. The playing field has never before been so accessible, with web platforms allowing businesses to get online in a matter of hours. This increase in competition makes organic competition incredibly fierce and, in some cases, leaves marketers with no other option than to pay for exposure. 

PPC is an extremely popular marketing method due to one’s ability to directly attribute a level of spend with a result. With pay-per-click, the advertiser only spends when a user clicks the ad and so, in theory, the spend isn’t wasted. In this context, you have been successful in bringing the customer off the street and into your store. PPC is undoubtedly more complex than this; marketers around the world work to target their PPC efforts perfectly to bring in customers and users that are most likely to convert. This is why hiring a PPC agency is valuable to your business – they know the ins and outs, have experience of what works in what industries, and can help to scale your business more quickly due to their extensive knowledge of the channel. The strength of PPC agencies here is their ability to test a wide variety of metrics, such as the user’s location or the users demographic, to push advertising efforts to a smaller niche and give you more time to focus on other important business tasks. In a world where data is invaluable, understanding your customer is more important than ever before, and PPC is a huge component in allowing marketers to target users based on their intent.

A keyword’s ‘Quality Score‘ refers to a value out of 10 that Google attributes to a keyword based on a number of key variables;

  • Ad relevancy – How relevant is the advertisement to the keyword that it is returning for? Google is focused on making the user experience as seamless as possible, and therefore, it’s important to ensure that Ad copy is relevant. For example, if one was to search for ‘Red Running Shoes’, it would be ill-advised to return an ad with ‘Green Running Shoes’ in the ad copy. 
  • Landing page – The relevancy and performance of the landing page will affect a keyword’s quality score. If the page is poorly optimised – for either mobile or desktop – then Google may penalise the keyword based on these factors. Furthermore, similar to the ad relevance, the landing page must be relevant. The user searching for red running shoes should be returned to a page with red running shoes!
  • Expected click-through rate – This measures how likely your ad will be clicked on by a user if it is shown for that specific keyword. It takes into account past performance of that keyword based on where the ad was positioned as well as how that keyword has performed for other advertisers.

So what does this actually mean for PPC advertisers and why is this so important? 

Quality score is an incredibly powerful metric, as it allows marketers to level the playing field against bigger players in the market. Traditionally, PPC was dominated by those with the biggest pockets. If you paid the most, you returned the highest, simple. However, after the introduction of the quality score, marketers can now bid LESS than competitors and return HIGHER in the search results. Google, in this instance, is looking to reward marketers that push relevant ads. This isn’t to say that the bid value is irrelevant, as the amount one bids is still a key variable in the position the ad will be placed. However, see the quality score as a ‘mate’s rate’ at the auction, whereby Google is seeing your ads as relevant and suitable for the search that it’s returning for. This not only works for you, as your ads can be seen more at a reduced cost-per-click, but Google will be pushing ads that users are more likely to click on and find a successful result in doing so. Win-win.

Keyword analysis looks at identifying the search volumes, competition and cost of bidding for a certain keyword or search term. Analysing the behaviour of users, and the way in which they are searching, is one of the first steps in understanding their intent and stage in their consumer journey. This is extremely valuable in paid search (PPC), as it allows marketers to bid on keywords where they can see users are actively searching. Additionally, PPC can be targeted to the various stages of the consumer funnel based on the keywords that are analysed. For example, a user at the top of their consumption journey may be searching for “Types of Running Shoes,” whereas those with transactional intent would search for “Buy X Running Shoes”. 

PPC can be effective for all shapes and sizes, no matter the size of your budget. Often it can be difficult to know exactly how much should be spent on a PPC campaign, which is why we’re here to help! If you’re unsure about getting started with PPC or you’re curious about what PPC could do for you, why not get in touch using the form below, or have a read through our blog to get an understanding of how PPC could help you. 

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