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Using paid search, we can connect your business with potential customers at every stage of their conversion journey. Let us maximise your exposure on Google’s search results page by creating effective ads that return for relevant keywords which match the user’s intent.



Google shopping can be one of the most effective platforms for retailers in today’s competitive digital environment. By implementing a product feed that’s optimised to match transactional searches, we can help you stand out amongst competitors and maximise your e-commerce potential.


Display Advertising can be a great tool for brand awareness & when used correctly, for lead acquisition. Let us create visually stunning ads that engage with your users, grow visibility & generate new acquisitions for your website.


Remarketing is a powerful tool to try to bring past users back into the conversion funnel. We can create unique campaigns targeted to specific audience groups which are built from users’ previous engagements with your brand. Dynamic, Display, RLSA – we have it all covered.

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Search advertising is a great way to get your brand, products and services in front of your desired audience at the right time. By undertaking extensive keyword research, we are able to highlight areas of opportunity for your business where there is the potential to generate new customers/clients. To improve the effectiveness of our search campaigns, we ensure that we maximise the visibility of the ads. We do this by combining effective ad copy with additional search ad tools such as ad extensions & ad customisers. 


Google Shopping

Google Shopping is incredibly effective at displaying your products in front of users at the point where they are searching for them. Shopping ads show an image, title & the price of your product, alongside direct competitors. This improves the accessibility of your products, allowing users to instantly compare products from multiple retailers, all on the same page.

We are always on the lookout for new & innovative ways to maximise client potential & help your products stand out amongst competitors. Utilising Smart Shopping for our clients has enabled us to take shopping to the next level. Smart Shopping integrates Google’s machine learning algorithms & user data to help push products to those most likely to convert.

Display Ads

The Google Display Network shows ads on over 2 million sites, reaching over 90% of people on the Internet. Due to the huge volume of users that it can reach, it can be easy for advertisers to waste budget serving ads to users with no interest. That’s why at Cedarwood, we ensure that your display campaigns are targeted at relevant audience groups, ultimately improving the campaigns click-through & conversion rate.


Additionally, our use of new Google features such as Custom Intent audiences allows us to stay ahead of the game, by creating unique groups based on their search activity & intent. Partnering this granular targeting method with relevant & engaging creatives is our recipe for success!


Remarketing is one of the most important & undervalued aspects of paid search, which, when used effectively, can be utilised to maximize existing marketing channels as well as effectively prospect potential users with unique targeting. 


By creating granular audiences for specific user behaviours, we are able to retarget these users to ensure a more personalised ad. This ultimately can help with improving the retention rate and bringing the consumer back into the conversion funnel. Here at Cedarwood, do this in many ways, For example we use RLSA for search, dynamic remarketing for Shopping & Display Remarketing within the Display Network.

Monthly Reports with Google Data Studio

As Official Google Partners, we find it works best when we integrate our products. We embrace Google Data Studio as our reporting platform, to give you detailed insights, with full analytics and ads integration. We believe transparency is the best way for us all to move towards a common goal. Monthly commentaries also assist in covering content plans for the future. Ultimately, we want to do what works for you, so our reports are tailoured to meet your needs!


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