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Independent Retail Partners

Our client base is made up of some of the biggest independent retailers in the UK. We provide ecommerce services for retailers who are number one in their industry. With our help,  they have been able to grow their organic traffic and increase their conversions by as much as 110%.

Your Remote Digital Team

Our SEO, PPC and PR experts act as an extension of your in-house marketing team. We get to know the nuts and bolts of your business so that we can understand the best way to help you, not just as a client but as colleagues. Your goals are our goals which is why so many of our clients consistently work with us.

Digital Marketing Specialists

We’re experts in SEO and PPC; the fundamental factors needed for a successful ecommerce campaign. What’s more, we have a dedicated PR team who can get your products featured in the press and media. Our combined experience and expertise in digital marketing means we have the skills required to make your online store rank.

What Is An Ecommerce Marketing Agency?

Ecommerce – a word that was probably unheard of 20 years’ ago has become a commonplace term in retail here in the UK. In 2020 around 81% of the population were shopping online & that is only set to grow in upcoming years – so if you have a business that sells online, then your ecommerce marketing is likely something that plays a crucial role to your business success.

An Ecommerce Marketing Agency is an agency that’s here to help you with marketing your online store, this could be through Search Engine Optimisation, Paid Search, Paid Social, Local SEO & much more – tailored to your business of course! By working with an Ecommerce Marketing Agency you are working with experts in the Ecommerce field who are here to help you grow & develop your online sales.

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Our Awards

European Search Awards 2022


Best Small Integrated Agency

Best PPC Campaign

Northern Digital Awards 2022


Best Small Digital Agency

UK eCommerce Awards 2021


Small Agency Of The Year

Why Choose Cedarwood As Your Ecommerce Agency?

As an agency we are hands-on, every aspect of your ecommerce will be handled personally by the person working on it. So if you’re after a PR campaign, the person planning it will be exactly who you talk to. That’s the same whether for SEO, PPC or Content Marketing. We aim to be an extension of your in-house team and to explain our decision making process so you always understand why we do what we do. Our ecommerce services are transparent and measurable, and our approach is personable and hands on.

We believe this is essential when it comes to delivering real value in Ecommerce as we know how fast online businesses operate & agility/speed is essential to jumping on the latest trends & turning things around quickly to stay ahead of the market.

We also have a great deal of experience working directly with Ecommerce businesses, predominantly large independent ones. We currently work with the UK’s largest online garden furniture retailer, watch retailer, sunglasses retailer, musical instruments retailer & bespoke wooden furniture retailer to name a few – we have a lot of experience in getting these brands to compete with & outperform the big boys & we aren’t afraid of a challenge.


Clients We've Worked With

Don't Just Take Our Word For It...

Read through the feedback & testimonial from our recent award win – Best Small Integrated Search Agency at the 2022 European Search Awards.



A Complete Ecommerce Package

By 2024, ecommerce will account for a third of all retail sales. Which is why it’s becoming ever more important to have a keen ecommerce strategy to get ahead of the competition. As an experienced SEO, PPC and digital PR agency, we specialise in every aspect of ecommerce. Our combined knowledge and expertise of each specialism will get your business noticed and, most importantly, generate significant ROIs. 

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to e-commerce. Your product, target market and end goal will vary. Our ecommerce services assess the best options to suit your business. From there we create a tailor-made ecommerce solution using a combination of the right channels.

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What Are The Benefits Of Using An Ecommerce Agency?

Ecommerce reached around 3.1 trillion pounds of revenue in 2021 with 1 in 4 people now shopping online. Multi channel or online only retail is a growth market that shows no signs of slowing down. Which is why it’s crucial to level up your ecommerce marketing and ensure your website gets, and stays, on top. With an ecommerce strategy, not only can you plan and implement techniques for an initial boost, but you future proof your web store. Our ecommerce services offer tailored analysis and ongoing support to ensure you identify digital marketing trends and maximise opportunities.

By working with an Ecommerce agency, you’re able to get the most out of your ecommerce offering & ensure that you are using the channels that are right for you – & that they are optimised to drive the best return. 

In turn, the agency should be able to help  you really maximise visibility for your brand in a way that is efficient & drives maximum ROAS at the same time.

Ecommerce Services



Being seen in the search engine results pages is essential to drive growth. Alongside website audits and technical SEO analysis, we devise thorough strategies to increase visibility for your online store. We track any changes to consistently deliver measurable results.


Paid advertising, or Google Ads, is a popular approach for ecommerce businesses. Shopping ads are seen by millions of users and, with targeted ads,  conversions can be much higher. Our experts steer your business towards the right type of paid advertising.

Paid Social

Paid Social Advertising whether done through Meta Platforms, LinkedIN, Twitter or any other medium is a great way to get your product in front of an audience.

In addition to brand awareness, you can also use Paid Social to drive direct sales across your website.

Digital PR & Outreach

As a results driven ecommerce agency, we know achieving national coverage can be invaluable. Our PR team has worked with retailers to generate press features and secure product placements with national publications like HuffPost and The Daily Mail.


Remarketing is incredibly useful for targeting customers who are already interested in your product. As part of our ecommerce services we can uniquely target specific users with personalised ads, thus increasing retention rates and subsequent conversions.

Google Analytics

Understanding and applying Google Analytics techniques to your ecommerce business can turn sales into ‘sold out’. Ecommerce services from Cedarwood Digital include tangible KPIs so we can monitor what works and do more of it. 

Meta Advertising

Advertising on Meta Platforms, usually through Facebook or Instagram is a great way to grow awareness for your products while also driving sales.

Although these platforms tend to be interest rather than intent-based advertisers, when used correctly they are very powerful tools.

Local SEO

Local SEO optimisation can be invaluable if you are trying to drive footfall into your physical store. 

By optimising for Local SEO we work with your search results & Google My Business listings to promote your product to a local audience, or people who may be searching to buy it online or in-store.

Audit Your Ecommerce Marketing

If the 2020 pandemic taught us anything, it’s that an online presence is crucial for business survival in a changing customer landscape. So, make sure your business can be seen where it needs to be with one of our ecommerce website audits.

Our website audits look at:

  • Technical aspects like speed and user friendliness
  • Trust, authority and expertise – why should customers buy from you over competitors?
  • Keyword rankings – are you visible for the search terms you want?
  • Backlinks – are websites linking to your website to demonstrate the value of your products or services?
  • Ranking opportunities – how can Cedarwood grow your online visibility?

Following an audit we suggest ways to improve, and propose content and campaign ideas to grow your website and revenue. 

Digital PR for Ecommerce

Digital PR is generally thought of as the process of building links into your website. This is an invaluable tool in improving the trust signals of your site and increasing its SEO.

More than that though, digital PR secures coverage for your ecommerce store, increasing visibility and improving conversion rates. At Cedarwood Digital we focus on creative PR campaigns that land. We’ve secured exposure in high profile newspapers, magazines and online publications. Alongside product placement and thought leadership, we create engaging content that editors and audiences want to see. More people talking about your product or service means more people to buy it.

We've got our ecommerce clients featured on:

Content That Converts

At Cedarwood Digital, we focus on content that catches the eye. Our content marketing team finds creative ways to make the media sell your story. Our content creators and copywriters perform a content gap analysis to discover areas for improvement, and craft campaigns that get potential customers talking.

Alongside attention grabbing content, we provide tried and tested copywriting services like blog posts, thought leadership articles and targeted category copy. Combining keywords with quality content and creative outreach campaigns will improve your rankings in the SERPs and drive traffic to your ecommerce site.

Why Upscale Your Ecommerce Strategy?

Ecommerce is expected to reach 3.1 trillion pounds of revenue in 2021 with 1 in 4 people now shopping online. Multi channel or online only retail is a growth market that shows no signs of slowing down. Which is why it’s crucial to level up your ecommerce marketing and ensure your website gets, and stays, on top. With an ecommerce strategy, not only can you plan and implement techniques for an initial boost, but you future proof your web store. Our ecommerce services offer tailored analysis and ongoing support to ensure you identify digital marketing trends and maximise opportunities.

What our clients say about our Ecommerce service

“Cedarwood Digital are just like an extension to our internal marketing team family. We’ve been working with them now for nearly 2 years and some of the clever stuff they’ve come up with on our digital marketing campaigns has just been amazing. Amanda and her teams knowledge and ability to “pick up” a new industry is just fantastic and the results they’ve given us so far have really taken us forward and continue to do so on a month by month basis. They really do have all skill bases covered when it comes to digital marketing.”

Paul Hanley, Ecommerce Manager at Certas Energy

Case Studies

Hayes Garden World

  • 120+ Links Achieved
  • 2,000,000 Additional Users
  • 965 Top 3 Ranking Keywords

Working with Hayes Garden World to grow their online presence to become one of the UK’s leading independent online garden furniture retailers.

Patient Claim Line

  • 170+ Links Achieved
  • 90% Increase In Top 3 Rankings YOY
  • #1 Rankings for “Medical Claims”, “Medical Compensation” & “Hospital Negligence”

Helping Patient Claim Line to utilise SEO to effectively grow market share & volume within a highly competitive vertical.


  • 82+ Links Achieved
  • 47% Increase In Top 10 Rankings
  • 428 Top 3 Ranking Keywords

Working with Watches2U to help grow their SEO both within the UK & also internationally across over 31 markets – helping them to drive forwards as the UK’s leading independent watch retailer.


Ecommerce FAQs

An ecommerce agency will look at the online elements of your business and devise a strategy to increase traffic and conversions on your website. They will apply a combination of SEO, PPC and digital PR alongside other methods such as retargeting and Facebook ads. A good agency will tailor these techniques to your business.

To drive organic traffic to your website, you need a solid SEO plan. This means combining valuable content with keywords and link building. For a more targeted approach, Google Adwords or PPC means your advert will be shown specifically to shoppers looking for your product. This increases conversions and is a proven method for growing online sales. 

SEO and PPC are both excellent ways to grow your ecommerce store. SEO has a lower initial outlay than paid advertising and, if you are ranking highly in the SERPs, your website will be shown to millions of potential users. PPC, meanwhile, shows your ecommerce store to people specifically looking for what you sell. When used together as part of a bespoke ecommerce package, they work successfully to achieve measurable ROIs.

Whilst Google Shopping Ads are a great way to get noticed, there are never any certainties. Trialling different methods is the best way to find out what works for your individual ecommerce business. Using Google Analytics to regularly analyse the results of your campaigns will ensure you keep doing what works and replace anything that doesn’t.

Mcommerce is the term for mobile shopping. So anytime a consumer users a phone or device to shop online, it’s known as mcommerce. By 2024, mcommerce will make up one fifth of all online sales which means it’s an area that shouldn’t be overlooked when considering your ecommerce strategy.

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