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Digital Marketing Training Courses Tailored To You

At Cedarwood Digital we see first hand the impact of successful digital marketing and know the exact knowledge needed to get ahead.

We offer bespoke digital marketing training for businesses wanting to amplify their existing skills. Our tailored course options have been designed to help your team stay on top of advances in SEO and PPC best practice in an online world that doesn’t stop moving.

Alongside our business packages we host regular training courses for self-starters and agency staff. As businesses continue to see a surge in online opportunities, the number of digital marketing roles is only set to increase. An SEO, PPC or PR & Outreach training course from Cedarwood Digital will give you the edge and ignite your career.

1 Day SEO Course

Build on your existing knowledge and leave with a complete picture of how SEO really works and why it’s never been more important to know what you’re doing. For businesses wanting to enhance their staff’s understanding, our customisable course options mean you can choose the exact areas you want to focus on.

Digital PR & Outreach Course

Covering the breadth and depth of Digital PR and Outreach marketing, our training courses provide the tools needed to elevate your understanding of PR techniques, backlinks and building media relationships. This can work as a standalone discipline or in tandem with our other courses.

1 Day PPC Course

PPC, or Google Ads, is a growing area of digital marketing. We bridge the skills gap by teaching the fundamentals of Google Ads before providing in-depth analysis and training. We can offer half day modules on Google Display, Shopping Ads or text ads for companies or individuals wanting to refine their understanding of e-commerce.

Google Analytics

In order to measure the success of SEO, PPC and PR campaigns, it’s essential to know how to analyse your efforts. We teach basic or advanced Google Analytics  depending on your own or your staff’s level of expertise and desired outcome. Our training courses are delivered entirely around you and your business needs.

Customisable Courses by an Award Winning Agency

Our courses are run by people who live SEO, PPC and Digital Marketing every day. Cedarwood Digital isn’t just training courses, it’s a successful digital agency that is up to date with industry standards and developments. That’s why we can deliver up-to-the minute training in all areas of digital marketing. 

Our team has worked with large brands across all industry sectors and understands that what works for one, doesn’t work for another. It’s why the emphasis with our courses is on bespoke packages that match exactly what your business needs. We keep class sizes small to ensure every delegate gets individual access to our trainers and can ask as many questions as they want. 

Our trainers have worked for Google’s Digital Garage and within digital marketing for over ten years. We don’t just offer training courses, we offer measurable results from an agency who practises what they preach every single day.

Training Courses from Beginning to End Result

Contact us and we’ll discuss your desired outcome and individual requirements

Our expert trainer comes to your preferred location and delivers a full one day course

Our expert trainer talks you through our course options & provides a questionnaire

The day will involve set modules and regular breaks to get the most from your time

We build a full day course based on your answers and what you want to achieve

You come away with new skills and the increased confidence needed to grow your business. 

Upskill and Amplify your Online Marketing with our Training Courses

With 76% of firms thinking a lack of digital skills would hit their profitability, it’s never been more important to bridge the gap between the online world and digital marketing skills. A Cedarwood course can amplify your workforce so they:

  • Gain confidence in using new SEO and PPC techniques
  • Can upskill existing knowledge for greater productivity
  • Work cohesively with agencies for improved results
  • Save money on outsourcing SEO & PPC services
  • Drive digital marketing strategies that increase ROI
  • Stay up to date with new trends and techniques

Our customisable courses cover these topics and more:

SEO Auditing; how to analyse a website & review its ranking. 

SEO Growth; improving a website’s organic position in the SERPs. 

Google Ads & PPC; how to use paid advertising and convert  

Shopping Ads; using shopping ads for profitable ROI

Display Ads; how to use display ads in your campaigns

PR & Outreach; PR techniques for a digital age

Linkbuilding; how to build links into sites to improve SEO

Content Marketing; Creating content for improved rankings and for PR coverage 

Google Analytics; analysing your KPIs for continued growth.

Why Choose Cedarwood Digital For Your Digital Marketing Training Course?

We've provided training for brands across the UK

Training Courses that Work For You

As a successful digital marketing agency, we’ve seen how outsourcing digital marketing can vastly improve a website’s visibility and, in turn, produce high ROIs for businesses. Which is why we know how important it is to have SEO & PPC experts on your team who really know what they are doing.

When we work with businesses, the ones who do well are the ones where staff understand the reasons behind our work, can offer their own insight and come forward with new ideas.

It’s why we believe in the power of training to harness individual knowledge and stay one step ahead in an ever-changing digital world. SEO & PPC are a vital parts of the business landscape. Obviously, we think outsourcing is a great option but investing in your in-house team will produce motivated, enthusiastic and skilled colleagues who will push themselves and, ultimately, your business forward.  

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of young people realise digital skills will be essential for their careers
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of businesses believe a lack of digital skills will hit their profitability.
A growth industry and a digital skills gap that needs filling.

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Training Course FAQs

There has genuinely never been a better time to do a digital marketing course. With growth across online and e-commerce platforms, digital marketing is a fairly new but absolutely key area of business growth. Investing in these skills makes absolute sense if you want to stay ahead of the curve.

SEO and PPC, are complementary techniques that use many of the same tools and ideologies. With a Cedarwood Digital training course, you can tailor the modules to include specific areas of interest so you don’t need to choose; you can learn it all.

Some people say a few months, some say 6 months, some may even say years. It all depends on how much resource you’re putting into your SEO efforts. We typically say it will take 6 months to see the benefits of our SEO work, but this can be impacted by Google updates.

When your staff complete digital marketing they come away with skills that will improve and boost your business. They will be able to bring new techniques to the table that can increase your visibility in search engines and secure an increased ROI.

As a successful SEO agency we work with many brands and their in-house marketing department. The most successful of these are the ones who understand what we offer and can apply their own skills to drive results. In short, doing a training course allows individuals to work more cohesively with agencies and get the results they really want.

At the end of a Cedarwood Digital course you will have gained an in-depth understanding of SEO, PPC, digital marketing or Google Analytics. You will have the confidence and enthusiasm to apply these new techniques to your existing role, identifying growth areas and harnessing them to achieve better results.

When offering bespoke courses for business, we come to your preferred location. After initial consultations, we can decide a time and date that works for you and discuss further arrangements such as the number of delegates and the specific deliverables you expect from us.

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