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Technical Optimisation

A strong SEO strategy needs solid foundations. Our in-depth technical audits will assess technical aspects of your website to ensure your website constantly adheres to Google’s best practice guidelines.


On-site & content

Content is king. That’s why our SEO strategies focus on building out engaging, on-brand content on your website to help you rank for topics that matter to your customers. 

Backlink Auditing

Links are one of Google’s top three ranking factors, so our full link audits will assess your website’s link profile and ensure any suspicious links are removed. 

Digital PR & Outreach

Content marketing is a a key pillar of our approach. Thanks to our strong PR connections, we’ve placed clients on top media including Daily Mail, Metro, Mirror, Hello! Magazine, Independent (Best Buy),  The Guardian, Telegraph,  & many more…

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Our approach

Sometimes, SEO is just another acronym that’s thrown around the office. So let’s cut out the waffle. 

Our SEO strategies follow a three-prong approach to prioritise what matters most to Google:

Scroll down to understand why we take this approach in more detail. 

1 . Technical

A strong SEO strategy needs solid foundations. 

First, our team will conduct a full technical audit to identify any technical improvements that could enhance your website’s SEO.

This includes crawl, internal linking, indexation and site speed.

We’ll also assess current keyword performance and identify new opportunities to rank. 

2 . content

Next, we’ll build on the keyword research from the technical audit and identify content gaps on the website or areas that need more development. 

This can take shape in two ways. 

The first is where we offer consultation on the type of content to write, best practice and format. 

The second is where our creative team research and write the content on your behalf to adhere to your brand guidelines.

Whichever approach your prefer, our goal is always the same; to create engaging content that is both useful to the reader and Google. 

Our third step focuses on inbound links – links that point to your website from another website.

Links are like recommendations; if a high quality website links to your website, then this suggests to Google that your website is also of a good standard.

Our team will start by conducting a full audit of your website’s link profile. In some cases, this may result in the removal of poor-quality links. 

Next, it’s the fun part: digital PR & outreach. Think traditional PR but with a focus on online media and securing links. Our creative team will design exciting content campaigns that will win links with a variety of media, from national newspapers to industry publications, blogs and lifestyle magazines. 

Living in the mobile age.

In 2015, Google announced that mobile searches had overtaken desktop searches for the first time ever. Today, the beast of the mobile world demands attention for all who hope to thrive in the digital age.

We understand mobile, helping you optimise for web and assisting in the development of strategy that users today can respond to, no matter the platform.


Start your SEO Journey Now.

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