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Technical Optimisation

A strong SEO strategy needs solid foundations. Our in-depth technical audits will assess technical aspects of your website to ensure your website constantly adheres to Google’s best practice guidelines.

On-site & content

Content is king. That’s why our SEO strategies focus on building out engaging, on-brand content on your website to help you rank for topics that matter to your customers. 

Backlink Auditing

Links are one of Google’s top three ranking factors, so our full link audits will assess your website’s link profile and ensure any suspicious links are removed. 

Digital PR & Outreach

Content marketing is a a key pillar of our approach. Thanks to our strong PR connections, we’ve placed clients on top media including Daily Mail, Metro, Mirror, Hello! Magazine, Independent (Best Buy),  The Guardian, Telegraph,  & many more…

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At Cedarwood Digital we have experience working with a range of different clients, all presenting different challenges for paid search. As a boutique SEO agency based in the heart of Manchester, we love to innovate, using a range of industry leading techniques and approaches to maximising your marketing efforts. Combining our expertise in technical SEO, content & outreach, and link acquisition, we can improve your online visibility and reach your customers.

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2020 Northern Digital Awards

– Small Agency of the Year Finalist

– Small Digital Agency of the Year Finalist

2020 Business Excellence Awards 

– Specialist SEO Agency of the Year 2020 (North West) Winner

2019 UK Search Awards

– Best Small SEO Agency Finalist


2019 Northern eCommerce Awards

– Small Agency of the Year Finalist

2019 Digital Entrepreneur Awards

– Digital Team of the Year Finalist – SEO

2018 Northern eCommerce Awards

– Small Agency of the Year Finalist

What is SEO?

Sometimes, SEO is just another acronym that’s thrown around the office. So let’s cut out the waffle. 

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of increasing the visibility of a website in a search engine’s results pages in order to increase traffic. This traffic is often referred to as ‘organic’, because it has come through to your website ‘naturally’ through results pages, rather than paid channels. 

Search engines will scan, or ‘crawl’, a website to understand what the website is about and where it should sit in their search results. By optimising a website for a search engine, and making sure your pages offer what the user is searching for, businesses can capitalize on free, targeted traffic. 

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Ranking factors: what are the most important things for SEO?

There are many different elements of a website that can have an effect on SEO. These are often described as ‘ranking factors’ as they help to increase your website’s rankings in search results. Search engines’ number one goal is to serve results to their users that are accurate and reliable, so that people keep using their service. So, search engines release advice on what it is they’re looking for when they decide how to rank a website, or what they deem these ‘ranking factors’ to be. Common ranking factors include site speed and security, content, user experience and the quality of links that point to your website.

Our Approach

Our SEO strategies follow a three-prong approach to prioritise what matters most to Google. Click on the buttons below or scroll down to understand why we take this approach in more detail.

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1 . Technical SEO

A strong SEO strategy needs solid foundations. 

First, our team will conduct a full technical audit to identify any technical improvements that could enhance your website’s SEO.

This includes crawl, internal linking, indexation and site speed.

We’ll also assess current keyword performance and identify new opportunities to rank. 

Our technical SEO audits cover:

Technical clean-up; ensuring that your website adheres to Google’s technical guidelines.

Crawl performance; reviewing internal linking, subdomains and indexation to assess how easy it is for search engines to scan your website.

Keyword targeting; identifying opportunities to rank for new search terms.

Mobile friendliness; testing how your site performs on different devices.

Trust signals; checking that your website conveys your expertise, authority and trust.

SEO copy; ensuring H1 tags, meta descriptions, and image alt texts are all in place.

User experience; analysing areas of improvement.

Site speed; studies suggests that users spend just 15 seconds deciding whether a website is suitable for their needs. Is your website fast enough?

Featured snippets; identifying opportunities to increase click-through rate in search results.

YouTube optimisation; enhancing the visibility of your video content. 


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Content SEO Vector - Manchester SEO Agency

Next, we’ll build on the keyword research from the technical audit and identify content gaps on the website or areas that need more development. 

This can take shape in two ways. 

The first is where we offer consultation on the type of content to write, best practice and format. 

The second is where our creative team research and write the content on your behalf to adhere to your brand guidelines.

Whichever approach your prefer, our goal is always the same; to create engaging content that is both useful to the reader and Google. 

Our SEO content projects cover:

Content gap analysis; identifying areas of missed opportunity. 

Keyword research; determining which are the best search terms to target.

SEO copy guidelines; advising your team on how to optimise content.

Blog post writing; creating engaging content that resonates with your customer.

Category copywriting; improving the rankings of your shopping pages.

Keyword targeting; improving relevancy of web pages.

Guide content; creating authoritative online reports that offer genuine advice to your target audience. 

SEO copy creation; enhancing title tags and meta descriptions.

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3. Links & Outreach

Our third step focuses on inbound links – links that point to your website from another website.

Links are like recommendations; if a high quality website links to your website, then this suggests to Google that your website is also of a good standard.

Our team will start by conducting a full audit of your website’s link profile. In some cases, this may result in the removal of poor-quality links. 

Next, it’s the fun part: digital PR & outreach. Think traditional PR but with a focus on online media and securing links. Our creative team will design exciting content campaigns that will win links with a variety of media, from national newspapers to industry publications, blogs and lifestyle magazines. 

Some link-building techniques we use: 

Link auditing; removing any poor quality links in your website’s profile. 

Broken link reclamation; fixing any broken links to ensure link equity is not lost. 

Brand reclamation; transforming coverage of your business into linked mentions. 

Thought leadership; positioning you and your business as experts in the field.

Product reviews; getting your products in front of the right journalists.

Newsjacking; tapping into current news trends to keep your business relevant. 

Digital PR; think traditional PR techniques, applied to digital media. 

Asset creation; reports, survey data, visuals, graphics, video – authoritative assets journalists can’t help but link to. 

Content marketing; creating campaigns that excite, engage and entertain your target customer.

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Monthly Reports with Google Data Studio

Your SEO efforts are only as effective as your ability to measure them. As Official Google Partners, we find it works best when we integrate our products. We embrace Google Data Studio as our reporting platform, to give you detailed insights on your SEO performance with full analytics integration. We believe transparency is the best way for us all to move towards a common goal. Monthly commentaries also assist in covering plans for the future. Ultimately, we want to do what works for you, so our reports are tailored to meet your needs.

Living in the mobile age.

In 2015, Google announced that mobile searches had overtaken desktop searches for the first time ever. Today, the beast of the mobile world demands attention for all who hope to thrive in the digital age.

We understand mobile, helping you optimise for web and assisting in the development of strategy that users today can respond to, no matter the platform.

Mobile search optimisation - SEO agency Manchester


Some people say a few months, some say 6 months, some may even say years. It all depends on how much resource you’re putting into your SEO efforts. We typically say it will take 6 months to see the benefits of our SEO work, but this can be impacted by Google updates.

The answer is both. But if you’re writing engaging, insightful content that is valuable to your customer, then chances are you’re already writing for Google too. Google’s no.1 priority is to offer accurate search results to their users, so that people keep using their service. And what do people who are using Google to search for something want? Information. So, content that is well-written and informative will serve both the user and Google. 

Featured snippets are Google search engine results that appear as a paragraph of text at the top of the results page. Because they fall in ‘position 0’ above the usual search results and they take up a larger portion of the page, we think they’re absolutely worth pursuing. Check out blog about featured snippets here to find out how you can secure one.

Ah, that old chestnut. Barry may well be able to get you to page one for a search term – but what is he targeting? There’s no point ranking no.1 for ‘buy mouldy potatoes online’ if A) you don’t sell mouldy potatoes and B) no one is searching to buy mouldy potatoes because, well, they’re mouldy. SEO takes time and dedication to see results. But boy are the results worth it.

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