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White Label Experience

We have a good deal of experience working as a white label agency having worked with a number of agencies across a number of sectors. As a result, we know what works well and how to make the experience efficient, delivering value to both you and your clients.

Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record delivering solid SEO strategies, so if you’re short of resource or simply need experts in the field, we can deliver a fully rounded SEO strategy to deliver your clients results.

Flexible Working Style

Need us to manage the account? No worries. Need us to work through your account manager? No worries. We have a flexible working style and can adapt to meet the needs of your business and also the end client.

What is White Label SEO?

Content Reviewed & Fact Checked By Amanda Walls, Director

Content Updated: 17/9/2022

By definition, a white label service is when a company’s service or offering is taken by another business and re-branded to make it appear as if it is their own. In this instance, white-label SEO is when a business, usually a digital marketing agency will take on additional resource from an external supplier (usually another agency) to help service a client contract, in this instance an SEO contract.

White-labeling usually comes about when an agency is short of resource to service a specific contract, or when an agency has the need for a service which they don’t currently offer within their remit (i.e. a brand design agency looking to offer SEO but they don’t have the internal resource to do so) – in this instance the agency might be looking for an agency with a specific specialism which they don’t have the in-house resource for.

White Label SEO can be a great way to expand your agency offering without the need to hire in-house staff and it can also tap into direct expertise from agencies which might specialise in that area. It can also be a great way to fill a temporary skills gap or staffing shortage and given the current great resignation, we find a lot of agencies are looking towards white label SEO as a solution to this in the current climate. 

Clients We've Worked With

How Do We Approach White Label SEO?

Our approach to white label SEO is very much the same as our approach to our own clients and we do it with the diligence and expertise that you would come to expect from an industry-leading digital agency. It’s important for us to note that we don’t outsource our work, that means any work that is done on your account will be done right here in our office in Manchester city centre. 

Our approach to white label SEO is full service and this means that we can provide you an end to end SEO experience right through from client onboarding to reporting, we’re happy to jump on client calls or we can jump on calls with your account management, depending on what suits you and the client’s needs best.

Our white label SEO approach starts from £2,500pcm and is scalable depending on the level of service that you require and the number of hours each month that we need to put into the campaign

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White Label SEO Services

Technical SEO

Technical SEO designed to ensure your website is optimised to deliver best in class SEO. We’ll do a thorough technical audit and optimisation to ensure Google can effectively crawl, index and evaluate your website to give you the best possible foundation to performing well within the search results.

Digital PR

Our award-winning Digital PR service has a proven track record of delivering high quality links across all verticals – even hard to build ones such as medical negligence, payday loans and gaming. Let our team work with your brand to deliver solid link acquisition time and time again and utilise our years of Digital PR experience.

On-Site SEO

Our on-site SEO offering helps to optimise your website by ensuring that your website has great content which is well signposted to Google and that you are using all of the relevant mark-up and optimisations to give your website the best possible chance of ranking, while adhering to the latest algorithm concepts.


Our white-label SEO service includes full reporting which can be tailored to meet the needs of your individual client or your software. We are also able to incorporate bespoke reporting if required and have extensive experience working with Google Analytics and Google Data Studio to provide customised reports as required.

Website Migrations

If you’re carrying out a website migration, chances are that one of the first things you will be worried about is the potential impact it could have on your rankings or your SEO campaign. Website migrations should be a smooth, stress-free process, so if you are looking for support with this, we are here to help.

Algorithm Recovery

Struggling after a recent algorithm update? Perhaps you aren’t sure what the problem is and are looking for some expert advice? If this is the case then you’ve come to the right place. Our team can work with you to evaluate what the potential issues might be and how you could look to rectify these with a solid strategy.

Our SEO Case Studies

Don't just take our word for it - read through our wide range of case studies to find out how
we've delivered great results for companies across the UK & overseas.

Patient Claim Line

Lead Generation

Increasing visibility in the tough "medical negligence" niche through effective SEO & Digital PR.

⚡️ 170+ Links Achieved
⚡️ 90% Increase In Top 3 Rankings
⚡️ #1 Rankings For "Medical Claims", "Medical Compensation" & "Hospital Negligence".


Hayes Garden World


Growing an online presence to become one of the UK's leading independent garden furniture retailers.

⚡️ 120+ Links Achieved
⚡️ 2 Million Additional Users
⚡️ 965 Top 3 Ranking Keywords




Growing a national and international SEO campaign to help grow sales in over 31 markets worldwide.

⚡️ 82+ Links Achieved
⚡️ 47% Increase In Top 10 Rankings
⚡️ 423 Top 3 Ranking Keywords


Certas Energy

Lead Generation

Using SEO to improve online visibility across Domestic & Commercial to drive an increase in online sales

⚡️ 113% Increase In Non Brand Keywords
⚡️ 23% YOY Organic Traffic Increase
⚡️ 80% Increase In Top 3 Keywords YOY


Why Choose Cedarwood For Your White Label SEO?

Effective SEO doesn’t just drive additional leads & sales to your website (although this is great!) – it also helps to create a real buzz & trust around your brand. With over 8.5 billion people searching on Google each day there’s a lot of people just waiting to have your brand put in front of them, effective SEO is a great way to build brand awareness & put your website in front of an audience with high intent – at a time when they are actively searching for your product.

In addition to the visibility, many of our SEO techniques including Digital PR do a great job of promoting overall brand awareness & getting you in front of the right audience by landing solid links across key publications. They can also drive referral sales & leads through your website by promoting your brand to the audience at the right time – driving free traffic/sales/leads through to your website while also helping to boost the authority & enhance the website’s overall SEO!


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White Label Technical SEO

Whether you are looking for support with a website migration, need an audit doing for your website or just need some general technical SEO support, our white label SEO service is here to help.

We have years of experience across technical SEO and can support you on full audits, link audits, log analysis, general technical audits, crawl evaluations and anything else in general.

We can also help to support you through any issues with algorithm updates and our white label SEO service is here to help you recover from algorithm updates and put you back on the right path.

White Label SEO Content

Looking to improve your content but don’t have time? That’s where our white label SEO service can help out. We know how much Google values great content, so if you want keyword research, optimisation and some great content for your website, then you’ve come to the right place. 

Our white label SEO content service will help to create great content for your website which engages users and also helps to build up and improve your E-A-T and other key trust signals. 

Our team of in-house content writers are familiar with Google’s Natural Language Processing and are on hand to help make your content great.

Find out more from our SEO experts.

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White Label SEO Agency FAQs

Content Reviewed & Fact Checked By Amanda Walls, Director

Content Updated: 17/9/2022

White Label SEO can be an option for businesses for a number of different reasons, we find that people most commonly enquire about our white label services for the following reasons:


We often find that white labeling is an option for businesses who are struggling for resource and are looking for additional outside expertise to help support their team, this might be due to a lack of resource within the market or simply a skills shortage within a specific area. Since The Great Resignation, we have seen this become more common across digital agencies, with SEO being on area in particular where there has been a substantial resource shortage. As a result, many businesses are looking into white label options to drive forward their needs for additional resource.


Often we will have businesses approach us for white labeling if they don’t happen to have that specific expertise in-house, this could be a design agency that is looking to undertake digital marketing as part of a full service, or potentially a web design agency who are looking for SEO support during a build or as a post-build service. This type of work is either traditionally seen as an on-going retainer or it can be done as a one-off project cost.

Regardless of the reason, we’re here to support on your white label SEO needs, so to find out more about our service contact us today!

There are often concerns around white labeling SEO, especially in terms of how the end client feels but a lot of this comes down to effective communication and ensuring that the client has the right amount of visibility and communication around the project all the time.

If you are close to the client we would advise being as open and honest with them as you can be about your white-labeling, appreciated that this can be a lot easier if you fall into the category of needing an external supplier of expertise, rather than looking for additional resource, but clients will understand your needs for white label SEO and in most cases should be supportive of what you are trying to do. They would rather that you are working to supply them with the resource that they need rather than being overstretched as they don’t have the in-house capacity to deal with your requirements.

Transparency is key here and this comes down to both establishing an effective method of communicating with the client, but also communicating between the agency and white label service to ensure that everything is as smooth as possible and as easy for the end client as it was before.

There are a lot of benefits of white label SEO, specifically if you are struggling with a particular specialism or you are looking for additional resource and this can be a great way to solve those problems without having to go through a long hiring process, or trying to bring someone in to own that service in their own right.

You can also get access to expertise directly that you may not be able to hire in-house – and in some cases access to a whole team of experts, this can add a whole new level to your offering and enable you to improve the way that you service your clients and the way that you are able to offer resource for specific projects.

In addition, white label can actually allow you to take on more projects and offer more expansive projects that you traditionally would – specifically if you are a full service agency or even just a branding or web design agency it allows you to add in SEO, PPC or a range of additional services which you might not have previously considered and this can help to put you in the running for additional projects which you might not have previously been considered for.

Communication is key when it comes to white labeling SEO and ensuring that there are good processes in place to generate a smooth line of communication is essential to ensuring that this works well for both parties. It’s also important to establish at the start the position of the client – are they going to be fully informed or are you going to be working through an account manager? Clarity on this is very important to ensure that a consistent communication is kept with the client.

If you have a specialist need for white label SEO then we are able to help out with specific projects such as website migrations or algorithm recoveries, where we know you need the specialist support but it might not be an on-going project.

We can also offer a range of white label SEO content packages which can help to work with you to evaluate your on-site content strategy and identify where the content gaps are as well as creating content to a high quality standard which is designed to really engage the reader rather than just writing content for contents sake!

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