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Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record of delivering solid Digital PR strategies which land links & great coverage for your brand.

With over five years direct Digital PR experience, we know what works & have a great record of getting content covered even in tricky verticals.

Great Media Contacts

Having great content is essential to getting media coverage for clients but it’s also about knowing who to outreach this content to & how.

We have extensive relationships with the media & are used to regularly landing coverage on dailies – we know who to send the content to & when to send it.

100% Earned Links

We’re proud to say that we don’t buy links, every single link that we build is done through Organic Digital PR – we don’t work with external companies to buy links on our behalf & never have.

We are so confident in our service and our ability to build links that we would never look to buy links, in addition to it being very bad practice! 

What Is Digital PR?

Digital PR is a term widely used for modern-day link building – think traditional PR tactics, applied online – but in practice Digital PR is so much more than that, it’s about amplifying your brand presence, products and/or services while driving SEO value at the same time & linking the two together can make for powerful online marketing.

As the demand for more organic, creative content has taken shape, marketers have realised they can use PR tactics to win links & coverage online.The shift towards applying offline PR tactics to digital media reflects Google’s demand for higher quality content & its need to add value to the user. Digital PR is harder than just fixing some broken backlinks on your website; marketers need to understand the digital media landscape, what their target audience reads online, how they can create engaging content & how they can get this content published in high quality publications & newspapers.

Digital PR can involve a range of approaches from Proactive & Reactive Newsjacking, through to Thought Leadership, Media Monitoring, Campaign creation & also Product Placements – each of these are designed to work together with your product/service & the media to amplify your presence, brand awareness & of course sales/leads.

Whether you call it link building, outreach or Digital PR, the goal is pretty much the same; using creative & innovative content strategies to get links & coverage online.

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How Does Digital PR Relate To Link Building For SEO & What's Our Approach?

Link building is the process of creating links from other people’s websites to your own to improve your SEO rankings. These links are known as backlinks because they link back to your website.

In the past, marketers used quick-win tactics to secure lots of backlinks to try & manipulate search rankings. This included posting lots of links as comments on forums or creating lots of poorly-written articles on low quality blogs. 

Google however quickly caught up with these tactics & released an update (Google Penguin Update) to encourage marketers to adopt a more holistic approach to link building (they also penalised lots of websites who were hammering the old tactics in the process – ouch!). 

As a result, marketers had to adapt their approach & switched to utilising other channels such as Digital PR to drive links into the websites. Today, Digital PR is widely used for SEO link acquisition & focuses on creating engaging, useful content that your customers want to read, as well as establishing genuine relationships with top tier publications & high quality media all while keeping relevancy to the client at the heart of the approach. One relevant, authoritative, expertise-driven link is far more valuable than hundreds of lower quality links & as such this is the focus being key Digital PR campaigns.

At Cedarwood we know how important relevance, authority & expertise are to both your SEO & Digital PR campaigns, that’s why when we ideate we will always keep your business & your core values at the heart of the matter – ensuring everything that we do ties back closely to your offering, keeping our work relevant & always with the key target market in mind.

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Digital PR Services


Press Releases

Got a great story to share but don’t know how to tell it? We can help with that. Whether you want to share a company update, create a video, visually illustrate data or just make some noise about a cause you care about, our creative team can help you to share your story with the right medium, at the right time & with the right people.

Media Monitoring

Our media monitoring tools including Response Source & Vuelio are designed to allow us to listen out to journalist requests & respond to them in a timely manner with your product, service or expertise. Working closely with media listening tools (including Twitter) – we are able to provide information to journalists when they are looking for it, getting your brand in front of your audience.

Media Relationship Management

We have a network of contacts at leading publications as well as access to the UK’s largest journalist databases which allow us to build relationships with key journalists on your behalf to raise the profile of your brand.

Proactive Newsjacking

Newsjacking is a great way to get your brand in front of an audience when people are talking about a given topic. Working with a range of tools that allow us to identify upcoming trends we’re able to identify trending topics & put your brand front & centre of the conversation, driving valuable links & coverage for your brand.


Reactive Newsjacking

Reactive newsjacking is jumping on a topic that is trending & putting your brand at the front & centre of the conversation. Working with a range of newsroom tools including BBC Breaking News, Guardian Live & various social media platforms, we are able to jump on emerging trends quickly driving valuable coverage for your brand.

Thought Leadership

After conducting interviews with key stakeholders in your business, we can identify Thought Leaders & work with them to share their expertise within industry publications & media. Thought Leadership is very valuable for both Digital PR & SEO as it helps to drive across the key concept of expertise within your brand.

Product Placements

Product placements are a great way to get your product visible to your audience & also to drive those valuable referral sales through to your website. We’ll work with you to identify the right products to outreach at the right time landing placements in key nationals, on top 10 lists & also in the niche publications with the audience that you want to target.


Journalists love data, especially when it showcases juicy stats & unusual trends & this can be a great way to get coverage. We’ll work with you to design surveys that offer an interesting insight into your customer or their lifestyles & create surveys which extra interesting & innovative content that journalists want to share, but always with relevancy at the heart – that way not only is the data of interest to journalists, but it’s relatable to your customers too.



Puzzles are a great way to grab press attention. Not only do they offer journalists a way to keep readers on the page, but a well-designed brainteaser or puzzle can also help target customers learn more about your business offering. For example, if your business sells plants, then perhaps a puzzle that asks readers to spot which plants need watering in a garden scene could be on brand. Whatever your business does, we’ll help you design the perfect puzzle.

Competitive Link Analysis

Looking for link inspiration? Why re-write the wheel? – a great place to start is to understand how your competitors have developed their link profiles & there could be some absolute nuggets in there. We’ll evaluate & analyse your competitors’ link profiles to understand where they’ve achieved their links & how to inspire new ideas for our Digital PR strategies.

Broken Link Reclamation

Updated your website recently? Moved to a new domain? Or simply removed some pages that you didn’t want anymore? If you haven’t redirected these pages then there’s a chance that valuable inbound links could have been lost. Broken link reclamation helps us to reclaim value here, pushing it back into the website & boosting your overall link profile.

Graphics & Visuals

While we love written content, a picture can paint a thousand words. So, we’ll help you to translate your message, information or advice into visuals that are easy to digest & engaging. Whether it’s an infographic to highlight a key process in your business, graphics to bring a report to life or an exciting image to get the press talking, we can help you make the most of visual assets.

What Are The Benefits Of Digital PR & Link Building?

Effective Digital PR & Link Building will not only generate links but also create trust, excitement & buzz around your brand.

Some benefits of link building include:

  • Generates links from credible websites & publications
  • Improves search rankings for the pages that links point to
  • Increases relevant traffic to your website
  • Creates natural “earned” links that haven’t been sponsored or paid for
  • Raises brand awareness with your target customer
  • Increases visibility of your brand online
  • Influences purchasing decisions
  • Inspires brand loyalty.

Our Digital PR campaigns have been featured on: 

What our clients say about our digital PR service

“Cedarwood have forged a lot of extremely strong productive links which have resulted in a huge increase in the online presence of Hayes Garden World. We now have longstanding links with many relevant high profile online and glossy magazines through topical articles, specialist knowledge and product reviews. They have also instigated numerous campaigns which have raised our online profile considerably. These links have been productive throughout the year resulting in our presence constantly being in the public conscious. As a blogger and social media co-ordinator I personally work very closely with the team and find them friendly, approachable and very open to any suggestions.”

Angela Slater, Content Co-ordinator at Hayes Garden World

Digital PR Case Studies

Hayes Garden World

Newsjacking: Lonely Plants Club
Links: 23
Average Domain Rank: 78

Newsjacking the end of lockdown to help provide insight into how lonely plants can get when their owners leave home.

Patient Claim Line

Survey: COVID-19 & Medical Treatment
Links: 130+
Average Domain Rank: 54

Working with our client’s in-house expertise to discuss medical treatment delays due to COVID-19 & the rights around this.

Cash Lady

Campaign: Cheapest Roast Dinners
Links: 112+
Average Domain Rank: 55

Reviewing the UK’s leading supermarkets to identify which supermarket provides the ingredients for the cheapest roast dinner.


Survey: Pets Smoking Survey
Links: 39
Average Domain Rank: 70

Launching a survey to find out how much the average Brit knows about how smoking can affect their pet.


Campaign: Thought Leadership
Links: 10
Average Domain Rank: 80

Utilising thought leadership across industry news & personal stories to help build expertise-driven links back to our client’s website 

Hayes Garden World

Campaign: Brexit Christmas Tree
Links: 37
Average Domain Rank: 72

Jumping on a Christmas trend to help create a product which is perfect for Christmas regardless of your family’s political persuasions!

Rimmers Music

Brainteaser: Grumpy Carol Singer
Links: 40
Average Domain Rank: 79

Creating a fun Christmas-themed brainteaser designed to ask the audience to find the “grumpy carol singer” & land links.

Little Loans

Thought Leadership
Links: 40+
Average Domain Rank: 68

Helping to drive links to the Little Loans website through Thought Leadership initiatives & expertise. 

Patient Claim Line

Newsjacking: Popular Culture
Links: 37
Average Domain Rank: 72

Newsjacking medical mistakes in popular culture to add in our own expertise & guidance for what their rights might be.


Survey: How Long Do Love Island Couples Last?
Links: 15
Average Domain Rank: 52

Evaluating how long Love Island couples last after the show to generate a great clickbait infographic for regional & mainstream media.

Hayes Garden World

Newsjacking: Harry & Meghan
Links: 30
Average Domain Rank: 73

Jumping on Harry & Meghan’s popular Oprah interview scene & giving expertise as to how you can recreate it at home.

EZ Shopper

Product Placements: Gaming Desks
Links: 38
Average Domain Rank: 66

Working with our client to land great exposure (and links!) from national & niche retailers for their range of gaming desks.

Hayes Garden World

Product Placements: Garden Furniture
Links: 65
Average Domain Rank: 73

Working with our industry & media contacts to get great coverage for our garden furniture range – including numerous IndyBest buys! 


Digital PR, Outreach & Linkbuilding FAQs:

Links are often seen to be one of Google’s most important ranking factors, so they’re pretty important when it comes to helping your website rank. High authority backlinks can be a vote of confidence in the eyes of Google & an indication that your website is valuable & worth linking to.

Studies have shown that Google gives more credit to websites that have a higher volume of relevant, trustworth backlinks – but it’s about quality, not quantity when it comes to website links. Securing a good selection of high quality links from trusted websites that showcase your expertise & are relevant to your brand can add great value to your SEO offering & your website’s performance. This in turn allows you to showcase E-A-T which is a key ingredient to a successful SEO campaign.

No – absolutely not, but they do play a key role in both growing referral traffic to your website & visibility, in addition to adding that all important SEO value. Digital PR is about showcasing your brand, product or service online, in front of a targeted, engaged audience who wants to know more about what you have to offer – it’s growing your presence in a similar way to traditional PR but in an online space.

From a backlinks perspective, Digital PR is one of the best ways to build high quality links to your website which do of course add huge SEO value & many people when considering how to optimise their SEO campaigns see improving the quality of their inbound link profile as a key way to do this. While this is completely right & should be seen as so, there’s no reason why Digital PR can’t drive great SEO value & visibility at the same time – after all relevance is key for SEO so putting your product/service in front of the right audience will add value in more ways than just links!

You may have often heard the terms “do-follow” & “no-follow” links thrown around when it comes to Digital PR & it’s true, there is a difference between them. “do-Follow” links are links which pass authority through to your website whereas “no-Follow” links don’t – however it’s often stated that both no-follow links & just citations have implied link value so they are definitely still valuable to build & it’s great to have diversity across your link profile.

Remember – effective link building and Digital PR does so much more for your website than just creating a link, such as raising brand awareness, generating traffic and giving your brand massive exposure on top tier publications. So, the value shouldn’t be solely placed on whether the link has a tag or not. (‘followed’ links pass link equity to your website, whereas links tagged with a code don’t pass link value in the eyes of Google. But they’re still valuable!)

Link building and Digital PR is about creating interesting, insightful and engaging content, as well as building strong connections with journalists and relevant media. So, to get more links to your website, start building great content and contacts. Reach out to industry publications, small business websites or magazines that your consumer reads. Offer to write articles, share company updates, offer product reviews or share your market insight. Create genuine connections, offer genuine, relevant and useful information, and you’ll soon start reaping the SEO rewards. 

Alternately – work with a company that does this for a living! A good Digital PR agency will have all of these basics downpat, along with some great journalistic relationships – this is a key ingredient to success.

Defining links as good or bad isn’t always the best way to approach it – you would be better to consider whether a link is relevant & adds value to your website, or if it doesn’t. It’s also worth considering whether that link is actually drawing good referral traffic through to your website – as referral sales are another great product of well-targeted Digital PR & are definitely something you should be aiming for if you have an ecommerce business!

Good links are fairly self-explanatory – they are genuine links from trustworthy sources which are relevant to your website. They are acquired naturally through Digital PR & generally offer some level of value to the user, this can be through your expertise or research, which helps to showcase the expertise of your brand – another great trust signal for Google!

By contrast, poor quality backlinks can potentially harm your website – Google penalises link profiles which are heavy in poor quality links – mainly as these tend to be the result of poor SEO practices or dodgy over-optimisation! Regular link auditing will help to ensure that you are keeping your link profile in check & free from any potential penalties.

“Bought links” are a bit of a dirty word in the SEO industry – and for good reason – in 2022 your link acquisition strategy should not be built around buying links. In the past, marketers used to pay websites to post their client’s content & link back to their client’s website, often on mass scale & with content that was poorly written & didn’t have any relevance or connection with the website it was posted on. Google saw this as manipulation tactics & penalised websites who did this.

However, paid for links do essentially still exist & they aren’t all bad – you just need to label them correctly. If you take out an advertorial in a newspaper, for example, you’ll likely get a paid-for link, but this isn’t bad, you just need to make sure you attribute any sponsored links with the “no-follow” & “sponsored” tag to let Google know that you’ve paid for that link through an advert.

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