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Flexible To Meet Your needs

We’re flexible in the way that we communicate with the end client, that means we’ll always keep your relationship with the client in mind and do what works best for you. This could mean that we liaise directly with the client, that we liaise with the client and your account manager, or that we just liaise with your account manager. Whatever you choose, we’re happy to work in whichever way works best for all parties.

White Label Experience

We’re experienced in delivering white label PPC so we know how to work and communicate well in this environment. We have tried and tested different methods to deliver the best experience for agencies and their end clients and we know what does and doesn’t work – as a result you can rest assured that your white label experience is in safe hands.

Proven Track Record

When it comes to white labeling we know how important delivery is to you and also to the end client. We have a proven track record of delivering high quality PPC campaigns across a wide range of clients and verticals. Whether it’s Google Shopping, Display, Text Ads or Video, our experts are here to help deliver you efficient, high performing PPC campaigns time and time again.

What is White Label PPC?

Content Reviewed & Fact Checked By Amanda Walls, Director

Content Updated: 17/9/2022

White label PPC is the practice of a business utilising another business’s resource (in this case usually an agency reaching out to another agency) to service their end client but under their own branding and management. This frequently occurs in two situation – initially if a client is short on resource and is looking for another company to help out, especially if they are struggling to hire, or secondly, if an agency doesn’t offer that service but they are looking to complete a full service specialism and need to bring in the support of experts in that area.

White label PPC is becoming an increasingly popular option as businesses struggle to recruit staff and a result look to bring on board external support, rather than SEO or PR which often require a number of team members working altogether, PPC requires usually only one or two staff to manage an account and this can make it popular option for white labeling and also allows it to be done with relative ease. Our white label PPC service is popular among businesses who can’t hire in house resource and provides a great extension to your existing team with minimal fuss or hassle.

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How Do We Approach White Label PPC?


We approach our white label PPC campaigns in a very similar way to how we approach our traditional PPC campaigns which are incredibly data driven and designed to maximise efficiency and growth simultaneously. Our PPC executives are fully qualified across all Google Ads qualifications and we operate a policy with a maximum of six accounts per staff member. We know there are many agencies out there who can have between 20-30 PPC accounts managed by individual team members, this doesn’t work for us or our clients so you won’t find yourself at the bottom of a very long pile of PPC accounts.

Our white label PPC approach and communication level depends on what we have discussed with yourselves and also what suits the end client. In some cases we will fully manage the process, this means implement the PPC and also feedback to the client directly, this often happens when the agency doesn’t have that specialism and is looking for us to lead on a specialism with the client directly – this is often the most effective way of communicating in that instance.

By contrast, when we are working with agencies who are looking to supplement resource, we find that most frequently we work through an account manager at the agency to deliver communication around the project. This is of course completely up to the agency who know the client best and will be able to determine the best method of communication, so we are fully flexible in our ways of working here to suit their needs.


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White Label PPC Services

Google Shopping

Looking to sell products online? Chances are that Google Shopping is your product of choice. If you are looking for an agency to white label your Google Shopping campaigns then we are here for you. With a wide range of ecommerce clients, we have extensive experience in Google Shopping and can take your account to the next level.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising is an incredibly powerful and often under-rated form of advertising, in fact in some cases, some of our largest lead generation clients get the majority of their leads through this traditional “branding” channel. Want to know more? Enquire to find out how our white label Display Advertising services can grow your branding and leads.

Dynamic Remarketing

You know how annoying it is when you get chased around the web by a product that you put in your basket but potentially didn’t want? We’re those people – the people chasing people around the web trying to remind them of why they might have wanted to purchase that product. Want to chase people around too? Get in touch to find out how.

Text Ads

Traditional text advertising is one of the most popular PPC options, after all it does exactly what PPC does best, it gets your ad in front of people at a time where they need it the most (when they are searching for it!) – we have years’ of experience with text advertising and are up to date with all the latest products and trends to deliver great ROI to your campaigns.

Display Remarketing

Display Remarketing is a really powerful way to utilise the Display Network and can be a great way to put your product or service in front of an audience who may have visited your website or undertaken an action on the page. By building out audiences closely you can really be quite granular in the way that you target this which can lead to a very effective marketing strategy hitting each touchpoint and pushing users back into the funnel.

Microsoft Ads

We’ve spoken a lot about Google Ads, but we also do a lot of work with Microsoft Advertising and despite it being the smaller of the two there is still chunks of opportunity on this platform when done correctly. We are a Microsoft Ads Partner for 2022 and we’re here to help with your white label needs across the Microsoft Advertising platform.

Reporting & Analytics

We all know how important reporting and analytics is to any campaign and all of our white label PPC options come with full reporting and analytics. Our reporting is fully customisable and our analytics give a real deep dive into what’s going on in your account, allowing us to identify opportunities and really grow and develop your account in ways that really work.

Ad Scripts

We know how much value automation can add to your PPC campaigns and when used closely with manual strategy, ad scripts can be a very powerful way to remove a lot of the time consuming manual labour and replace it with strategy time – a win/win solution for everyone – we’re experienced with Ad Scripts and will ensure that your account benefits from the optimum efficiencies in this area.

Why Choose Cedarwood For Your White Label PPC?

At Cedarwood we are specialists in what we do – SEO and PPC are our specialisms so you know that when you come to us for PPC you are going to get experts in the field. We aren’t a full service agency, we prefer to focus on what we do well and as a result we believe this means we are up to date and on trend with the latest knowledge and products to really take your accounts to the next level.

We have strict restrictions on the number of accounts that each of our execs can take on and that means they really have time to spend getting to know your business and business goals and really understanding how they can best maximise the account to deliver what you are looking for. By limiting the amount of accounts our staff work on it means that they have the time to be in-depth and are available for any questions or simply to bounce ideas around if needed.

We have a proven track record delivering solid PPC results – see our Case Studies here – we are proud of the work that we do and have a great roster of long-term clients who back this up, this is important to us and we show a lot of passion in the work that we undertake.


A Trusted Partner

Google & Microsoft Ads Partners

Don’t just take our word for it – Google & Microsoft have bestowed their trust on us as part of their respective partner programmes!

To be a Google Partner we need to adhere to the following criteria:

  1. Maximize Campaign Success: An account optimisation score of at least 70%
  2. Drive Client Growth: Maintain & grow a high level spend across our client accounts over a 90-day period
  3. Demonstrate Our Expertise: Ensure that at least 50% of our agency staff are certified on the latest Google products & soluctions.

What Our Clients Say About Our PPC Service

“We have been working with Amanda and Cedarwood Digital for many years now. We have always found Amanda to be very knowledgeable and the forefront of her industry. In a highly competitive industry we have maintained exceptional growth thanks to her expertise in digital marketing. Our PPC campaigns have been optimised to way outperform the market and are continually refreshed to adapt to all external factors.
I have always found Amanda to be honest and direct. Problems are dealt with efficiently and without excuses if they ever occur.
I would have no hesitation in recommending Amanda and her team to anyone seeking digital marketing expertise.”

Faisal Bhatti, CEO at Watches2U

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White Label PPC Agency FAQs

Content Reviewed & Fact Checked By Amanda Walls, Director

Content Updated: 17/9/2022

White label PPC can come about for a number of reasons, but usually it’s due to a resource shortage or a shortage of a specific area of expertise – for example you may do traditional text ads but lack a Google Shopping expert for an ecommerce client. It’s a popular option for people who are looking to scale up a service but don’t necessarily want to go through the process of hiring new team members to do so – or perhaps due to the Great Resignation the staff aren’t available.

There aren’t really any risks involved with white label PPC, but the most important aspect is choosing an agency that you trust, after all you are putting your reputation on the line so make sure that you do your research thoroughly and really take into account what it is that you’re looking for and the credentials of that agency before you move forward with them.

There are many ways that you can circumvent potential issues through really clear communication at the start and a lot of this comes down to being very clear on how and how frequently a client will be communicated with and who will be doing that communication. Clarifying points like this at the start will go a long way to ensuring that you have a really smooth communication process and that it works well for all parties.

Costings for white label PPC traditionally differ depending on how much work is involved and can be billed on either an hourly rate or a percentage of spend depending on the type of work that is being undertaken. Our white label PPC costs generally start at the £2,000pcm ex VAT mark but are proposed on a case by case basis depending on the spend on the account and the level work that is involved.

Communication is absolutely key here and unfortunately there is no guarantee that your client will be ok with white label PPC, but communicating with them in the most open and honest way from the very start is the best way to ensure that they at least have the option to be. In most instances you’ll find that if it’s a resource issue the client will support what you are doing safe in the knowledge that they are getting a good level of resource on their account – this, for example, is much better than the client feeling frustrated with a resource shortage or feeling like not enough attention is being given to their account.

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