Cedarwood Digital @ Sheffield DM!

On Wednesday night a couple of members of our team headed over to Sheffield for the bi-monthly Sheffield DM meet up – a meet up aimed at improving and building up the marketing community and Sheffield, hosted by the wonderful team over at Evoluted.

This was in fact the 23rd meet up that had been held – each of the meet ups are free and a great way to sharpen up your digital skills knowledge with talks from a range of industry speakers as well as a round table event.

Our Director, Amanda Walls, spoke at the event about the recent updates to Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines and how you could develop an effective SEO and Digital PR strategy with these ideas in mind – the talk covered a number of the updates specifically related to Your Money Your Life websites and went through some key points for on-site page quality rating and how you could build expertise-driven links to support this from an off-site perspective as well. The talk will be available on the Sheffield DM website soon and we will post a link to it here.

There were some great speakers during the night including Will Hitchmough talking about three golden rules for achieving SEO success and a great roundtable hosted by Azeem Ahmad talking about digital marketing career choices. We got some great takeaways from the evening including:

  • The importance of identifying quick wins – in addition to building a long-term strategy for SEO, if you are limited by time and/or budget, being able to identify those quick wins is really important – and there’s a whole host of tools out there that can help you to do that!
  • Not being afraid to change your specialism – in some cases you might start off in one specialism but after having exposure to another realise that actually your skillset and enjoyment levels are far more preferable to that one – it’s ok to make the change, have the confidence and conviction to do it!
  • Relevancy is key across Digital PR – all too often we spend a lot of time focusing on building a certain number of links but we don’t look at how relevant they are – relevancy here is key in terms of building up that all important trust and expertise, so it’s important that we are paying attention to this when pulling together our Digital PR strategies.

All in all we really enjoyed the night – and look forward to the next one!