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Hayes Garden World

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Hayes Garden World
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Growth Over 2 Years
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Increase In Conversion Rate (2021-2022)

The Project

Hayes Garden World are one of the UK’s leading independent garden furniture retailers. When we started working with Hayes over 5 years ago now they didn’t undertake any Google Advertising so it was great to be able to launch this project with them.

Since inception our PPC work with Hayes has gone from strength to strength, growing substantially over the lockdown period & continuing to see growth following on from that. 


A secondary focus of the project has been around working closely with the in-house team to manage marketing at a time where shipping & deliveries have sometimes been challenged by COVID. Our work here has helped Hayes to maintain a super strong TrustPilot rating, by working closely with the in-house team to build an effective PPC strategy which tied in with also delivering great customer service.


Our Approach

The target audience across the Hayes Garden World campaign focused predominantly in the south with 80% of the audience in London or to the south of London, as such we utilize a lot of location targeting to ensure we are spending budget most efficiently in the areas where we know users are likely to convert.


We also sub-divide our Smart Shopping Campaigns to focus on location targeting in key areas – this further allows us to really hone in on helping Google’s algorithm to understand this audience properly & their purchasing habits allowing the algorithm to work more effectively.


Our overall strategy is mainly focused around segmented optimization of the Smart Shopping Campaign & optimization of the Merchant Centre feed to ensure our products are appearing for the most relevant searches possible. We also utilize a wide range of scripts to save on manual tasks which allow us more time for strategy this includes negative keyword scripts & exact match close variant scripts to make the campaigns as targeted as possible.


We supplemented this with an API campaign to drive very niche text ads across our products, prioritizing high POAS – profit on ad spent products – to ensure that ROAS was maintained across the board.

Key Areas

API Campaigns

To expand our campaign in addition to boosting traditional shopping we created a text ad API campaign which allowed us to download our existing shopping feed, reformat & utilize smart functions to import this into an excel spreadsheet & then upload this as individual text ads for each product & also each range page allowing us to target the products granularly with individual bids.


The API campaigns alone allowed us to increase our revenue 10% by simply improving our visibility at a time when search volume was high – over time we were able to improve efficiencies in these campaigns to include sales copy & countdown ads which further improved CTR & drove efficiency in the campaign.

Custom Labels

Working together with Performance Max we created a large series of custom labels to give us ultimate control over the product, while allowing us to take into account stock issues, any products which were exclusive, products that were priced well & also those where we had a high volume to sell.


As a result we created hundreds of unique Performance Max campaigns designed to target specific audiences allowing Google’s algorithm to really learn effectively about the consumer habits of these specific audiences rather than smart shopping working in a broad sense.


This also allowed us to implement different ROAS targeting for products in the different custom labels groups where we could really push focus on products that were in stock & also those which were exclusive while also pulling back on those where we had less price competition & also those which had delivery delays.  


Hayes have worked with Cedarwood for almost 5 years & have seen our business go from strength to strength with their advice & under their guidance. We partner with them for our PPC, SEO & large elements of our digital marketing & outreach. They are very proactive, forward thinking & always up to date with the latest marketing do’s & don’ts & best practices. As a company we find them professional, friendly & extremely efficient. 

Lyndan Orvis

Ecommerce Manager

The Results

0 %
Growth Over 2 Years
0 %
ROAS Maintained
0 %
Increase In Conversion Rate (2021-2022)

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