Case Study:
Patient Claim Line

PPC / B2C / Lead Generation

Using Data To Drive Sustainable Growth

Increase In Qualified Leads (2021-2022)
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Reduction In CPA (2021-2022)
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Increase In Leads YOY (2021-2022)
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The Project

Working with Patient Claim Line on the their PPC advertising since brand launch, the brand were looking for a team who could take a brand new product to market & help grow it into what is currently one of the market leaders. Our PPC work with Patient Claim Line started in building out a campaign in a new market from scratch & then growing the campaign. Our remit covers both general PPC advertising across Google Ads & Microsoft Ads, in addition to Display Advertising across the GDN, the latter of which has presented great growth opportunities in recent years & is something that we have been able to utilise effectively.

Over the last six years we have worked with Patient Claim Line to grow both the brand & the PPC campaign – the brand now handles around 1 in every 8 medical negligence cases in England & Wales.


Our Approach

For this project we were looking at not only growing visibility & engaged leads within the market, but also bringing a brand new product to the market & as a result we needed to take a number of approaches to ensure targeted the right audience with the right type of product:

Market Research – Thorough market research combined with our client’s own data to really understand who the customer was, their behaviours & also where they were – so that we could tailor & adapt our marketing accordingly

Keyword Research – In a marketplace where CPCs can be incredibly high (up to £40 per click) we not only needed to identify how to targets these high-intent keywords effectively, but also we needed to research opportunities within the market with lower volume but better CPC costs, we did this through competition/opportunity graphs – you can find a blog post with more information on it here

Campaign Build Out & Bid Strategy – Building out campaigns to target the keywords effectively & mapping these to relevant bid strategies. Utilising a mix of Enhanced CPC, Target CPA & Maximise Conversions to ensure that the strategies are as efficient as possible & breaking out the campaigns to ensure keyword targeting is as accurate as possible with little wastage.

Multichannel Attribution – With TV advertising, Facebook, Organic & Display all thrown into the mix we needed to ensure that we had a great attribution model that helped to attribute fairly to each channel – to ensure we were able to highlight clearly the ROI driven by the PPC campaign.

And of course most importantly – testing & iteration – PPC never stops evolving, there are always ways to improve & increase efficiencies & this has been a cornerstone of our campaign work with PCL. 

Key Areas

Offline Conversions

Data has been a huge cornerstone of our on-going campaigns with PCL & we work closely with their offline lead data to understand what goes on to be a qualified lead & also the value of those cases. By understanding that data & feeding it directly back into our marketing we are able to deliver a much more engaged/valuable initial user & also able to aid them throughout the user journey. We are also able to ensure that our marketing budget is being spent in the most efficient manner, by focusing on marketing to an audience which is likely to convert based on our data analysis.

Working together with Google’s offline conversion tracking & also Google’s ValueTrack Parameters product we are able to gain invaluable insight into not only what our users go on to do as they move through the Conversion Funnel, but we are also able to gain much more insightful data around how they start their journey & the steps that they take which allows us to improve our overall user experience.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising has played a big part within the overall PPC campaign & we have utilised it mainly across the GDN to drive awareness of the brand & also drive conversions with more of a conversion-led targeting strategy.

Our approach to Display Advertising started on the key element – great creative. From the get-go we knew exactly what we wanted within our display creative & we also knew the different types of creative that we wanted to utilise across different mediums. We worked closely with the in-house design team to wireframe & develop effective display ads which not only reached out to our market effectively, but that also helped to inform & bring a more engaged audience to the website.

We then worked closely with Google’s Value Track Parameters to identify how well individual placements were working to allow us to really effectively refine our display network targeting accordingly.


Having worked with Cedarwood for 4 years, I can honestly say that they have been instrumental in the continued growth and success of Patient Claim Line. The team are extremely knowledgeable, highly-skilled, friendly, honest & have the confidence to challenge our own internal decision if they feel it is in the best interest of our business & results. The team are always thinking of ways to build out campaigns & can be relied upon to continuously improve through their collective thinking & creativity.

The Results

Increase In Qualified Leads (2021-2022)
0 %
Reduction In CPA (2021-2022)
0 %
Increase In Leads YOY (2021-2022)
0 %

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