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The Project

ChrisElli is the sister brand of Watches2U. They wanted to grow the sales of the smaller brand to take a portion of the jewellery and watch market. As this was a much smaller brand, we had to take a different approach to this project as we didn’t have the brand awareness or size in the market as others. 

We focused primarily on Google Shopping as we know that this is a good driver of visibility and broke this out over the different countries that we were targeting. It was also important for us to understand the relationship between the two brands and how to strategically navigate this without disadvantaging ourselves.


Our Approach

Our approach focused on splitting out the product offering & increasing visibility within the market:


Google Shopping – We used standard shopping campaigns for all of the different countries that we were targeting – there was much lower volume for this brand as it is a much smaller independent than others within the market. 

Performance Max – We trialled Performance Max for our highest volume countries including the UK, Ireland, Germany and France to try to generate additional visibility across all of Google’s networks. 

Promotions – As ChrisElli is a value brand, we ensured that regular promotions were added to the Merchant Centre to highlight the necessary sales to gain competitive advantage within the market.


Key Areas

Product Focus

As ChrisElli’s inventory matched that of Watches2U – we had to be strategic in how we advertised as we didn’t want to be competing against each other and raising the cost per clicks. We attached priorities to both brands, Watches2U focusing their efforts on watches and ChrisElli focusing on jewellery and accessories. 

This allowed us to target two seperate areas of the market with two different brands, utilising Google’s machine learning to really understand the types of users for each. 

By doing this, we were able to understand the target audience a lot more clearly, helping us to hone in and drive visibility for a smaller brand in this space.


To ensure we were being as cost-effective as possible, we utilised custom labels to group products by margin – this allowed us to aim for a higher ROAS for products that were low margin and a lower ROAS for higher margin products. 

This produced a much more efficient campaign, taking into account both the online but also offline factors & ultimately working with the business to drive actual value.


We have been working with Cedarwood for many years now. We have always found them to be knowledgeable & at the forefront of their industry. In a highly competitive industry we have maintained exceptional growth thanks to their expertise in digital marketing.

Our campaigns have been optimised to way outperform the market and are continually refreshed to adapt to all external factors. I have always found them to be honest & direct.

I would have no hesitation in recommending the team to anyone seeking digital marketing expertise.

The Results

Countries Targeted
0 %
Increase In Revenue In 3 Years
0 %
Increase In Transactions In 3 Years

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