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Heating Oil

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Driving Incremental Growth Through A Cost Effective Campaign

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The Project

Working with Heating Oil, the project was focused on driving a higher volume of new customers through the site. 

With around 1.5 million houses in the UK needing Heating Oil, it meant that whilst there was a good chunk of potential customers to find, we also had to be mindful that this was a market that was also saturated with many competitors all fighting for a finite customer base. 

Our work with Heating Oil focused on creatively finding and attracting new customers through a combination of location targeting, ad customizers & competitor analysis to drive a significant amount of leads and gain market share.


Our Approach

As we knew that only a proportion of the UK was our target audience, our approach used this to underpin our strategy. 


Market Research – Using internal data to collate a list of postcodes/areas that need heating oil so that we could primarily focus our efforts here. Additionally, as this was a competitive industry, we took the time to understand the market as we were up against not only other suppliers but also comparison sites which increased the CPC’s but also drove clicks away from us.

Keyword Research – We immersed ourselves in the world of heating oil to understand the different terminology that these users would be searching for, like “premium kerosene”. 

Competitor Bidding – As we knew that this was a competitive space with a limited target audience, we included competitor names as keywords within our account, this allowed us to generate brand awareness and steal traffic from our competitors. 

Location Targeting – We targeted the postcodes that needed heating oil to heat their homes as this would be the most effective way of generating sales.

Ad Customizers – This was used to really personalise the messaging within our ad copy to highlight the key USPs relevant to the user.

Key Areas

Location Targeting

As the majority of Heating Oil customers live in rural areas of the UK,  our first focus was to extract as much data as we could from the client around the areas with the highest amount of Heating Oil users. 

We compiled a list of postcodes that use heating oil so that we were able to target very specifically. We also aligned this with off-line marketing, using consistent messaging to align with door drop leaflets & attaching the same discount codes so that we were able to follow the user journey from offline to online.

Price Competitiveness

Having postcode data was extremely useful as we were then able to take this data and create ad customizers. Price competitiveness was a key barrier to sale that we had discovered within our PPC campaigns. Therefore, we created a data feed of postcodes which was updated by the client daily to highlight the price of heating oil in that area for the day.

We then used ad customizers within our ad copy to automatically pull the price figures through on a daily basis so that the user would be able to see the price that they would be paying if they purchased through 

If we weren’t price competitive, we would then pull our bids back to ensure that we were being as cost effective as possible as we knew that this was a sticking point for customers. 


Cedarwood Digital are just like an extension to our internal marketing team family. We’ve been working with them for nearly 2 years now and some of the clever stuff they’ve come up with on our digital marketing campaigns has just been amazing. 

Amanda and her team’s knowledge and ability to “pick up” a new industry is just fantastic and the results they’ve given us so far have really taken us forward and continue to do so on a month by month basis. They really do have all skill bases covered when it comes to digital marketing.

The Results

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Reduction In CPA YOY
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