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Driving Growth Through Online Leads And Offline Sales

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Reduction In CPA Over 2 Years
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The Project

Our work with Worktops was focused on driving a higher number of leads within the market and also trying to increase the number of leads for higher value orders. 

The business structure relied on an online quote to be submitted before being followed up offline by the customer service team for the order to be processed. Due to this, it meant that our focus was to drive leads that then turned into actual sales, meaning that we needed to work closely with the internal sales data to understand what was driving higher value orders.

Our Approach

We approached this in various ways:

Industry/Product Research – We needed to understand the products to really get to grips with how best to advertise for, therefore we spent time with the internal teams learning about the different materials and values that each brought into the business as well as popularity within the market.

Multi-Channel – We utilised both Google Ads & Microsoft Ads to drive more leads as we know that the majority of the target audience were older and so we didn’t want to miss out on any potential leads here.

Dynamic Phone Numbers – As we knew that many customers liked to speak to a representative about their quote, we inserted code to dynamically change the phone number on the website to align with Google’s call tracking – this gave us a much better idea of how many leads the PPC campaigns were actually driving.

Key Areas

Dynamic Search Ads

Each material of worktop had hundreds of different colours that could be chosen, each with their own landing page.

As we wanted our ads to be as relevant as possible and send the user to the most relevant place, we created Dynamic Search Ads for each material type.

We then added our keywords as negative keywords so that these campaigns would only pick up on search terms that related to a certain material and colour.

This meant that we were able to serve ads for every single colour of every single material dynamically using these campaigns, taking the user directly to the product page.

This was a huge success and continues to drive around 15% of all leads.

Broad Match

During a time of low volume, we trialled a broad match keyword campaign to see if there was additional traffic that we weren’t hitting with the current keywords within the account.

We set this on the “Quartz worktop” keyword so that we weren’t limiting to a specific type of material to really see the true potential of this match type.

The results from this test were great and we managed to generate a significant amount of extra leads within our CPA target.

Off the back of this, we built out more campaigns around the top performing search queries to give them the best potential within the account.

The Results

Increase In Conversions Over 2 Years
0 %
Reduction In CPA Over 2 Years
0 %
Increase In Clickthrough Rate Over 2 Years
0 %

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