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The world of social advertising is constantly evolving & we know that keeping up to date with the latest products & trends is essential to ensuring that you’re at the top of your game. Our team stays on top of current trends so you can know you’ll always be ahead of the field.

Driven By Data

We love data & we know it’s key to making the right optimisations & getting you in front of the right audience. We work closely with multiple data touchpoints including your own internal data to drive models which deliver on what you really need – business metrics vs vanity metrics.

Putting Your Brand First

Paid Social advertising is about driving leads & also awareness – our expertise in this area helps to ensure we are putting your brand first, driving the awareness & visibility that you need to grow & develop your brand in front of the right audience.

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What is Paid Social Advertising?

Content Reviewed By Anna Simpson, Paid Media Manager

Paid Social Advertising is advertising across social media channels with the aim of promoting a product or service & putting it in front of a user. Paid social advertising is often widely used as a brand awareness tool & can be used to bring new products to market as it has the ability to put adverts in front of a very large audience for a lower cost than many traditional advertising channels. 

Paid social advertising differs to traditional organic social media as it’s a paid for platform. Regular posts and interactions on social media are unpaid for & therefore “organic” – by contrast, paid social advertising works through an advertising manager which pays either by click or by impression to showcase an ad to a user based on demographic targeting & the users interests.

Paid social advertising is widely used by advertisers who are either looking to target a wider market, or who have a very clear understanding of what their target consumer looks like. As a result, it requires a lot of optimisation & iterations to work effectively – it also requires a good understanding of the consumer base as its interest-based targeting means that understanding your audience is key to knowing where to place your ads & how they will work effectively.

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How Does Paid Social Advertising Work?

Paid Social Advertising works in a number of different ways & very much depends on the platform that you are using & the audience that you are looking to target. There are a wide range of social media platforms that offer paid advertising targeting to their consumers and these including Meta (Instagram/Facebook), TikTok, Snap, Twitter & LinkedIN. Each of these platforms has its own purpose & audience, so to utilise social media advertising effectively it’s important that you understand how each of these platforms work and who/how they are trying to target.

There are a number of different models & advertising types available across paid social platforms these include lead forms, image ads, video ads, carousel ads, text ads & many, many more. From a model perspective, advertising options can range from pay per click to pay per view right through to cost per impression share, so again having a really clear understanding of what you want your marketing campaign to achieve is key to choosing the right channels and campaign types for success.

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Paid Social Services

Audience Targeting

Audience targeting on Facebook Ads is extremely powerful and can help you to really nail exactly who your target audience is; using data like age, location and even likes.

Remarketing can help to bring users back into the conversion funnel, whilst lookalike audiences are great at tapping into the next layer of potential customers for your business.

Lead Generation

Lead generation has never been easier! Facebook Ads allows for relevant data to be captured in a form within Facebook. This eliminates the need for users to be taken to a new landing page which can disrupt the user experience.

Lead generation is therefore quick, clear and simple for the user, whilst also yielding the all-important information for your business to nurture and approve that lead.

Placement Targeting

These ads can be used across a wide range of platforms and placements including:

– Facebook and Instagram Feed

– Facebook, Instagram and Messenger Stories

– Facebook and Instagram In-Video (IGTV and In-stream)

– Facebook Instant Articles

– Facebook Marketplace

– Messenger Sponsored Message and Inbox

Meta – Facebook

Facebook is one of the most popular platforms for social media advertising & also one of the most heavily utilised with millions of potential customers each month. Facebook also has one of the most advanced targeting methods of all of the platforms & is a great way to build reach & visibility with engaging ads.

Facebook Ads are available in a wide range of different formats from lead generation to carousel through to standard text ads & videos – so there’s great options out there for every business advertising need.

Meta – Instagram

Instagram is also a very popular social media advertising platform & has gained in popularity significantly in recent years as video has become a more popular way of consuming information. Instagram operates through the Meta platform & offers a wide range of advertising opportunities.

Through Instagram you can utilise traditional image ad advertising, text ad advertising & also video to generate user interest & promote your product or service to an audience who are engaged on social media.

LinkedIN Advertising

LinkedIN is an incredibly powerful advertising platform if you know the job title or titles of the people that you are looking to target.

Although LinkedIN advertising tends to be more expensive than other Paid Social options, this is due to the high intent targeting nature – and the fact that you can put your ads right in front of people who are likely to convert.

Working with LinkedIN advertising we can help to ensure that your ads are placed in front of your target audience. 

Paid Social Case Studies

Casa Bella Furniture


Helping Casa Bella Furniture to grow their presence as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of mango, indian wood & industrial furniture.

⚡️ 60% YOY Growth
⚡️ 42% Transaction Growth YOY
⚡️ 6.5% Conversion Rate Increase




Growing Watches2U sales nationally and launching internationally into over 30 countries worldwide.

⚡️ 33 Countries Targeted
⚡️ 27% Increase In Sales
⚡️ 29% Conversion Rate Increase


Hayes Garden World


Growing an online presence to become one of the UK's leading independent garden furniture retailers.

⚡️ 100% Growth Over Two Year
⚡️ 1,050% ROAS
⚡️ 15% Decrease In CPC YOY


Patient Claim Line

Lead Generation

Driving leads & lead quality through effective utilisation of PPC and Display Advertising across Google & Microsoft.

⚡️ 91% Increase In Qualified Leads
⚡️ 5% Reduction In CPA
⚡️ 126% Increase In Leads YOY


Why Should I Use An Agency For Paid Social Advertising?

Paid Social Advertising can be a bit of a minefield for beginners & given that it has so many different facets, if you are just starting out, or even looking to take it to the next level, then the expertise of an agency can go a long way to helping you get there. 

With so many different elements & approaches to consider, paid social advertising can be more than a full time job for one person & finding an individual with each specific skillset can be a challenge. Working with an agency allows you to used the combined skillsets of a range of individuals who are able to identify what works best for your business – ensuring that we are constantly focused on your business goals & how we can achieve them.


A Trusted Partner

Google & Microsoft Ads Partners

Don’t just take our word for it – Google & Microsoft have bestowed their trust on us as part of their respective partner programmes!

To be a Google Partner we need to adhere to the following criteria:

  1. Maximize Campaign Success: An account optimisation score of at least 70%
  2. Drive Client Growth: Maintain & grow a high level spend across our client accounts over a 90-day period
  3. Demonstrate Our Expertise: Ensure that at least 50% of our agency staff are certified on the latest Google products & soluctions.

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Paid Social Agency FAQs

Paid Social is an advertising form in its own right but its method of advertising is quite different to that of traditional PPC or even TV advertising. Paid social is driven on an interest-based targeting feature, that means that when you come to identify who you want your ads to be shown to you are identifying your user base by interest. In contrast, traditional PPC channels like Google are intent-based, this means that the user has shown intent (usually by searching for something) for a product or service before they arrive at the ad.

Paid Social is often seen more as a branding awareness tool than a direct lead generator, but that’s not to say that it can’t generate leads as well! With many different ad types available including lead generation, carousel, plain text & also video, paid social has the ability to interact with your audience in a way that many other advertising forms don’t have, in turn this allows you to really connect with your audience & make the most of each individual touchpoint.

Advertising on Paid Social is fairly straightforward but it does differ depending on the platform that you are using & the type of approach you are looking to take. Facebook advertising is one of the most straightforward to set up but it’s also one where you can do the most granular targeting so from an advertising perspective this makes it an incredibly powerful platform.

By contrast, other social media platforms such as LinkedIN & Twitter offer a different approach where you still have the ability to be granular but it is often in a very targeted vertical. LinkedIN for example tends to be a little more expensive for targeting but it can be a very powerful platform if you have a very specific job title in mind.

There are a number of different channels that you can choose from across Paid Social advertising these include Facebook, Instagram, Snap, LinkedIN & Twitter. Each of these channels lend themselves to their own individual style of advertising & targeting so it’s important when looking at channel selection for social media that you test each out individually & really focus on targeting one or a few which are the right ones for your audience.

If you aren’t sure which channels to use then get in touch with our team who will be able to help you with channel selection, guiding you in the right direction for your product or service!

The age old question of should I use paid social, paid search or both? 

For many people the question of where to spend their advertising budget can often be a tricky one & it can come down to comparing the two channels to understand where marketing budget is best spent. What many people don’t consider however when doing this, is that actually the two channels are very different & in many situations they can work well together, so rather than considering one or another, consider them both in isolation & then as channels which can work together.

Paid search is an intent-driven product, that means that the ads tend to appear at a time when the user is searching for them – they are high intent, further down the funnel & more likely to convert, as a result this tends to be a more expensive form of advertising. By contrast, paid social is more of an interest-driven product which means that users are higher up the funnel, lacking in intent & therefore tend to be cheaper to advertise to – a mixture of both these can create a great environment for multi-touchpoint lead nurturing & should be considered.

Costings for paid social advertising can vary dramatically depending on what you are trying to achieve with your campaign. We see clients who spend £2,000 all the way up to clients who spend £200,000+ but it’s all about return on investment – an efficiently set up & managed paid social account will allow you to maximise your ROI & won’t cost you the earth.

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