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The Project

Hayes Garden World are a luxury high end garden furniture retailer based in the Lake District. With a target market that is 85% south of London, our Digital PR strategy for product placements was targeted around broad daily media in addition to a number of targeted placements to really focus in on our key demographic.

We’ve worked with Hayes for a number of years to increase their profile & sales across the country. Since we’ve started working with them we’ve landed a huge number of product placements across nearly all major daily newspapers & are a regular feature in popular round ups such as the IndyBest & Telegraph top 10s – leading to additional referral sales.

The Approach

Our approach for Hayes is a mixture of Media Monitoring & pro-active outreach at appropriate times with appropriate products. Working closely with our client’s product range we have a  Dropbox of high res images & some great journalistic contacts just ready to go & are able to jump on trends & turn product placements around quickly & effectively.

In addition to landing a large amount of dailies & regular placements on the IndyBest list (often as the best product!) we are regularly featured online in publications that are perfect for our target audience including Good Housekeeping & House Beautiful – engaging with both a wider audience through national outreach & also honing in on a more engaged, targeted audience in our focus areas – we’ve achieved this by developing relationships with theses journalists over time where they now come directly to us to request products & expert information.


The Coverage

Links Achieved
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Referral Sales Generated (12 Months)

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Hayes have worked with Cedarwood for almost 5 years & have seen our business go from strength to strength with their advice & under their guidance. We partner with them for our PPC, SEO & large elements of our digital marketing & outreach. They are very proactive, forward thinking & always up to date with the latest marketing do’s & don’ts & best practices. As a company we find them professional, friendly & extremely efficient. 

Lyndan Orvis

Ecommerce Manager

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