Case Study:
Mist E Liquid

Digital PR / Survey / Smoking & Pets

Launching a survey to find out how much the average Brit knows about how smoking can affect their pet.

The Project

As we approached the new year we wanted to create a Digital PR project for our client Mist where we surveyed pet owners to find out how much they knew about the impacts of smoking on their pets.

The survey was designed to generate an interesting, informative angle around how much pet owners really knew about the impact that smoking had on their pets & the impacts that it actually had – in addition to understanding whether or not pet owners were truly aware of the dangers.

The campaign was successful, landing 39 links across a range of national & regional titles with an average Domain Rank of 70.


Our Approach

Our approach involved initially pulling together a data set – this was a survey that we commissioned with OnePoll of 1,000 respondents to ensure that we had good data quality. The survey asked questions around how familiar people were with how smoking impacted their pets & worked to establish their understanding of this.

Once we got the data back, our job was to digest this & pull out the appropriate statistics to create a range of media releases around different angles & different regional areas – this allowed us to utilise & target the data from both a national & regional approach.


Our Coverage

Links Achieved
Average Domain Rank

British Smokers Causing Their Pet's Health To Suffer Through Second-Hand Smoke

Houseplants could "suffer from loneliness" after lockdown, gardening experts have warned.

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