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Newsjacking: Lonely Plants Club

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The Project

As the end of lockdown approached there was a lot of news within the media about how pets would get lonely as their owners returned to work. What we didn’t see covered however, was about plants could become lonely & we identified this as a newsjacking opportunity to be timed with the lifting of lockdown.

This project was designed to be a quick turnaround newsjacking project done in just a couple of hours, to help supplement our always-on PR approach for this client while landing some fresh links on national newspapers with expert comment on something that was trending – highlighting our clients expertise & building authority.



The Approach

We spoke with experts to understand the impact that lockdown lifting & owners returning to work could have on plants, these included:

  • Plants can sense when you are not around
  • They grow better with the sound of human voices
  • The house will be colder for plants
  • The lack of CO2 could be damaging
  • There would be less time for plant care.

We then outreached these comments to publications with great success, landing over 23 links across most major dailies with an average DR per link of just under 80. 


The Coverage

Links Achieved
Average Domain Rank
National Daily Newspapers

Houseplants Will Suffer From Loneliness After Lockdown - Expert Claims

Many people were spending much longer at home during lockdown obviously, which meant more time with their family, pets and houseplants.

Houseplants could "suffer from loneliness" after lockdown, gardening experts claim

Houseplants could "suffer from loneliness" after lockdown, gardening experts have warned.


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