Case Study:
Patient Claim Line

Digital PR / Reactive Newsjacking / Pop Culture

Marrying Medical Negligence With Pop Culture To Drive Links & Brand Visibility.

The Project

Given the nature of medical negligence & the more challenging nature of link acquisition we took a pop culture focus for our approach to reactive newsjacking following two Coronation St storylines which both involved instances of medical negligence, a Love Island star whose thyroid cancer diagnosis generated significant search volume & jumping on trending search volume data for Movember.

Our aim here was to jump on trending topics that the media were talking about & bring to the light our clients’ expertise at an angle slightly different to what we would do traditionally. This allowed us to secure crucial links at a time where links where hard to build due to COVID.

In each of these cases we sourced expert legal comments & reached out to our network of journalists who we knew covered this style of story. It resulted in great coverage for the brand in top tier national & most importantly, direct leads & enquiries to the website for related cases. 


Our Approach

For the Coronation Street project we looked at two different story lines where our experts could provide commentary:

Jack Webster – Jack initially hurt himself playing football, but his symptoms continued to worsen as time went on. Despite being reviewed by a number of doctors & despite a number of symptoms there was a failure to diagnose Sepsis. As a result, Jack’s leg became severely mottled & his father had to decide whether to proceed with an amputation.

Abi Franklin – Abi was admitted to hospital with a broken arm. A recovering drug addict, she reads a letter in hospital which upsets her, the doctor walks past & leaves a trolley unattended by Abi, the trolley contains morphine which Abi then steals & self-administers at home. While far-fetched, this is an example of where negligence could cause serious injury.

In both of these instances we were able to add in the advice of our experts & tie it directly back to our client – keeping relevancy as a key theme across our link acquisition.

Our Coverage

Links Achieved
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National Newspapers
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Love Island's Demi Jones' Cancer Diagnosis Sparks All-Time High Online Searches

Demi Jones - who appeared on Winter love Island 2020 - shared on May 20 that she had been diagnosed with thyroid cancer after finding a lump on her neck.

Corrie's Jack Webster Set For Major Pay Day As He's Owed Millions After Doc's Mistake?

Coronation Street's Jack Webster could be about to become a millionaire.

Coronation Street Spoilers: Ali Neeson's Career Destroyed As Emma's Life Takes Nasty Turn?

Coronation Street Doctor Ali Neeson could find himself in hot water soon after Emma Brooker was rushed to hospital last week with a burst appendix. According to Patient Claim Line, there is a chance Ali could be sued, or even sacked.

The Real Mistake In Corrie's Drug Scene, According To Expert

Coronation Street viewers may have missed the real medical mistake amidst the fury over Abi Franklin's drug trolley scene, says leading medical law firm Patient Claim Line.


The Digital PR team at Cedarwood are second-to-none. I have worked with numerous agencies in the past who have offered a service such as this, but never received such excellent results.

The team have a very sophisticated approach, working closely with the internal SEO experts to ensure that all links generated are of a high quality and pass value onto our domain.

The Digital PR team have an excellent understanding of our (numerous) brands, and are capable of taking sometimes quite a dry subject matter and turning this into compelling campaigns that are popular with mainstream press. We regularly feature in publications such as The Daily Mail, The Express, The Sun and Manchester Evening News – all with links back to our website, which is a challenge many other agencies are nervous to tackle.

Charlotte Rennox

Head Of Organic Search

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