Case Study:
Salt Of The Earth

Digital PR / D2C / Product Placements

Leveraging Visibility For A D2C Brand Through Key Product Placements To Drive Links & Coverage.

The Project

One of our main goals working together with Salt Of The Earth was to promote the product both in terms of visitors to the website & also getting it in front of an audience who was likely to convert. 

Product placements played an important role in the Salt Of The Earth campaign as it was important for us to get the product out in front of the audience to allow people to try and test the products as needed.

We pulled together clear audience targeting & profiling with the aim of placing products in front of key target audience groups. This took extensive user profiling as well as the creation of user personas to help identify the target audience. As a result, we were able to gain placements & referral sales among key demographics.


Our Approach

Our initial approach for this campaign involved undertaking a lot of audience research to really identify who the audience was and where they were. This involved profiling our audience and user interests, in addition to understanding the types of websites they were using. We also combined paid data and meta data to pull these audiences together.

Once we had got a good understanding of the audience we pulled together targeted website lists – to understand which types of websites we wanted to target for placements. From there we got a great mixture of daily newspapers, regionals and then also targeted bloggers who had an audience and visibility that we wanted to get the product in front of. 

As a result, we were able to gain solid placements for the product, leading to clear referral sales and visibility among the target audience.

Our Coverage

Links Achieved
Average Domain Rank

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