Case Study:
Rimmers Music

SEO / Ecommerce

Using Effective On-Site SEO To Drive Sales For One Of The UK's Leading Musical Instrument Retailers.

The Project

Rimmers Music are one of the UK’s leading independent retailers of musical instruments with a number of bricks & mortar stores across the north of England.

When Rimmers approached us they were looking to improve their online presence & grow their online sales to support the sales within store. They were additionally looking to grow visibility for their music schools which operate in & around their stores in the north of England.

The project for Rimmers combined on & off-site SEO designed to help grow the overall authority of the website through a combined content & link acquisition strategy. Within the first six months we had started to grow the businesses online presence & drive an increase in online sales across the board.

Our Approach

Our strategy for Rimmers combined an approach for on & offline SEO & included:

– Technical SEO reviewing the current technical set up as well as maximising the faceted navigation to ensure we were getting visibility to key products without wasting Google’s crawl budget

– Utilising Digital PR to drive high quality links into the website (prior to this the website had little/no quality links)

– Creating an effective content strategy to build out expertise driven content across key category & product pages to enhance the website’s overall E-A-T signals

– Improving key internal link connections to ensure that newly acquired link equity was passed effectively through key pages on the website.

Content Strategy

Content strategy played a key role in developing an effective SEO strategy, in particular allowing us to create fresh and relevant semantically linked content across many of our key product/service pages.

Our content strategy for Rimmers included developing not only key on-page content but also thematically linked content through building out content clusters, related articles and topics. As a result, we were able to boost topical relevancy and positioning for several of our targeted areas.

Content played a key role across our strategy for Rimmers helping us to develop key topical clusters and build out expertise across these areas.


Digital PR & Link Acquisition

Improving the website’s link profile was our initial approach to building expertise across the website & we did this by utilising a combination of traditional outreach through newsjacking & thought leadership, in addition to some fun campaigns including brainteasers.

Our Digital PR approach focused around relevancy – ensuring that every piece of work that we did linked back closely to the theme of music or musical instruments & by taking a relatively light hearted approach to campaigns along with some expertise-driven thought leadership & store press we were able to create a link profile which clearly demonstrated the key E-A-T values that we were trying to achieve.

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Our Coverage

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The Results

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