Case Study:

Digital PR / Gaming

Building Canadian & North American Digital PR Links.

The Project

Casino Bonus CA approached us as they were looking to grow the strength and depth of their link profile through Digital PR across Canada & North America. 

In a heavily YMYL industry, having a strong, expertise-driven link profile was essential to support SEO performance, drive overall awareness and growth across the brand. The challenge was in acquiring these types of links in an industry where it is traditionally more difficult to acquire links. As a result, we had to think outside the box with our approach to strategy which was designed to build expertise-led links which were closely linked to the theme of “casino” and “odds” to link closely with our client.



Our Approach

Our approach involved closely aligning our client’s industry with topics that we knew the press would love to cover across Canada & North America. In particular, we focused on themes around the “odds” of certain things happening, whether that be across travel, popular entertainment or even the weather. This allowed us to keep it super relevant to our client while also focusing on something broader that the journalist can engage with.

Once we had ideated, we undertook research and data analysis pieces to understand and evaluate the chances or odds of certain things occurring. We then analysed the data to showcase outcomes and formulated these into a press release.

We built targeted media lists based on journalists who were likely to cover our projects, with great results, landing over 34 links with an average DR of 72.


Our Coverage

Links Achieved
0 +
Average Domain Rank
DA70+ Domains

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Air Canada is the top Canadian airline most likely to loose a passenger’s luggage, according to research by

Vancouver was ranked Canada's 'April showers hotspot.' Here's why

But it isn't expected to receive the highest number of damp days.

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