Case Study:
Earthborn Paints

Thought Leadership

Building Niche Vertical Links Into An Ecommerce Website To Deliver Authority, Trust & Digital PR Exposure

The Project

Earthborn Paints approached us looking to utilise Digital PR to help grow awareness of the brand & build those all important relevant links into the website from an SEO perspective. With a very clear brand image and tone of voice, the brand was looking for campaigns which tied closely to their brand while also resonating with their target market to help engage the audience while also reaching out to an audience which might not have heard of them before.

From a Digital PR perspective the brand wanted to build their link profile with high quality links in relevant publications which showcased their expertise around paint, decoration and trends, while also adding SEO value to help the website perform better within the SERPs. This campaign was designed to be a well-rounded approach which not only helped to grow visibility for the brand and showcase their expertise, but also helped to land those all important links on top tier, high DR publications which add real value to the external profile of the brand.

Our Approach

Our approach to Digital PR for Earthborn Paints focused mainly around thought leadership as this allowed us to showcase the expertise of the brand while simultaneously driving high quality links into the website which kept a close relevancy to what the brand was about. Relevancy was key here, so we researched a range of suitable publications where we knew the brand’s audience would be & where we were keen to obtain links and coverage.

We worked closely with the in-house team at Earthborn Paints to identify key topics and trends which we could jump on & either newsjack or offer insight into allowing us to offer topical advice on trends while also promoting the brand to our relevant audience. This included looking at the “fifth wall”, identifying if you can paint over wallpaper & looking at different paint colours & trends. As a result, we were able to gain some great coverage for the brand across our targeted publications, while also helping to build some top tier links back into the website.

Our Coverage

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Links Achieved
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