Case Study:
Patient Claim Line

Reverse Digital PR

Creating Data Hubs To Naturally Attract Links And Journalists To The Website

The Project

Patient Claim Line are a market leader in the incredibly competitive “medical negligence” vertical. As a result, SEO plays a crucial role in the marketing mix and this is particularly vital given the website’s strong YMYL focus and overall competition within the sector.

We often spend a lot of time trying to create content which journalists love to gain great Digital PR coverage for the website, but in this instance we decided to make the journalists come to us by creating effective data pieces on the website which they could use as a resource and link back to as a result. 

By creating data pieces which were closely linked to our key offerings we were also able to ensure that this coverage was relevant and related to the service offering.

Our Approach

On this campaign, our initial approach was to identify areas on the website where we were looking to gain additional visibility for the brand and where we could create effective data hubs which would provide a valuable resource to journalists. One of the areas which we identified as a result of this was “cosmetic surgery”.

As a result of this, we created a “cosmetic surgery data hub” which was designed to inform the user of information and up to date statistics around cosmetic surgery in 2022. We additionally commissioned a survey of 2,000 people to add fresh data and angles which journalists wouldn’t be able to get elsewhere to ensure that the data was as useful and up to date as possible. 

Once we had sourced the data, we presented it in an easily digestible format on the website and optimised it from an SEO perspective to rank well, ranking in position #3 for “cosmetic surgery data” which has attracted over 1,300 visitors to the website since inception. 

As a result, we were able to gain a number of valuable links to the website and the content continues to perform and drive links on an on-going basis.

Our Coverage

Links Achieved
0 +
DA70+ Links
Average Domain Rank

Plastic surgery isn’t feminist

Why aren’t we allowed to challenge the idea that Botox and fillers empower women?

What Do I Say When People Tell Me I Don’t Look My Age?

Being in your 30s is not 'old' by any stretch of the imagination. We're living longer than ever and research suggests that your mid 30s is one of the best times of your life.

Getting Under the Skin of Plastic Surgery’s Best-Kept Secrets

Much has been made recently about the rising use of slimming jabs which could help people to reduce their weight by more than 10%.

Getting Under the Skin of Plastic Surgery’s Best-Kept Secrets

Much has been made recently about the rising use of slimming jabs which could help people to reduce their weight by more than 10%.


The Digital PR team at Cedarwood are second-to-none. I have worked with numerous agencies in the past who have offered a service such as this, but never received such excellent results.

The team have a very sophisticated approach, working closely with the internal SEO experts to ensure that all links generated are of a high quality and pass value onto our domain.

The Digital PR team have an excellent understanding of our (numerous) brands, and are capable of taking sometimes quite a dry subject matter and turning this into compelling campaigns that are popular with mainstream press. We regularly feature in publications such as The Daily Mail, The Express, The Sun and Manchester Evening News – all with links back to our website, which is a challenge many other agencies are nervous to tackle.

Charlotte Rennox

Head Of Organic Search

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