Case Study:

Digital PR/ Data-Led Campaign

Maximising Annual Leave In 2024

The Project

As part of our work with Toner Giant we looked at ways to creatively build data campaigns that were closely linked to the brand and also tied back nicely to our SEO goals and achievements. For this particular project we picked something with a strong human interest angle and something which aligned closely to our client’s theme of work/the office (they supply toner and ink!) to ensure that we maintained relevancy throughout the campaign and were always able to tie it back to the client while creating content which was likely to be lapped up by journalists.

Our aim with this project was to garner more widespread visibility for the client by marrying the relevancy of a brand with a topic which created a broader visibility across the board, by looking at annual leave we know that this is something that would resonate with nearly everyone and also we were offering valuable advice, combined with effective data, to ensure that the reader was coming away with some actionable information that they found useful and helping to generate those all important story clicks for journalists.

Our Approach

We knew that quick turnaround data campaigns which have a strong human interest angle are always a popular option so for Toner Giant we pitched the idea of looking at how many days of annual leave you could get in 2024 for a December campaign, knowing how topical the content would be and that it would garner a high level of public interest (plus it would also be fairly quick to turnaround).

As a result we set our data team to work analysing the data to work out how we could garner the largest amount of holidays in 2024 with the available leave allowance (taking into account public holidays and also the average amount of annual leave in the UK each year) – we discovered that you could get a massive 69 days when utilising your annual leave effectively and immediately knew we had a strong strapline and angle for the content.

We then curated a list of popular culture and lifestyle journalists along with our targeted publications and created an effective press release which broke down the data and also explained in detail how readers could maximise their annual leave, leading to a significant pick up across the press and over 150 links achieved.

Our Coverage

Links Achieved
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Average Domain Rank

Maximise annual leave in 2024 by bagging 69 days off work using just 29 days

The whizzes over at TonerGiant calculated you’d need to use 29 days of annual leave to get the time off if you plan things well. If you’re working in the UK then you’re legally entitled to 28 days off – including bank holidays.

How to maximise your annual leave in 2024 by booking these days

Researchers at TonerGiant have crunched the numbers to find how you can get the most out of your annual leave in 2024.

How to maximise your annual leave in 2024 by booking these days

Coming out of Christmas and New Year, many Brits won't be thinking about when to take their next holiday ( or maybe that's all you're thinking about?!). However, when you do get around to planning your annual leave, this guide to maximising your annual leave this year could come in handy.

Get 69 days of annual leave in 2024 by booking these dates off work

Now, researchers at TonerGiant have figured out how to get the absolute most of it. They've crunched the numbers to find out how you can get 69 days off in 2024, given that your holiday allowance doesn't include bank holidays.

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