Case Study:

Digital PR/ Data-Led Campaign

UK's Most Delayed Commutes

The Project

Data-led campaigns have played an important part in our work with Toner Giant and finding strong data sets which align with the focus areas of our client have been an important part of the digital PR process.

In this campaign, we wanted to find an angle which not only related to the brand (commuting to an office – link to toner/ink) but also had a widespread human interest angle to garner press coverage. In addition, we wanted to target regional angles with this (as we had regional data available) – this allowed us to tailor the data uniquely to relevant publications, ensuring that we had a good hook for regional reach.

As a result, we were able to garner great coverage both with national publications and also with regional publications, ensuring that we were able to drive some high quality links into the website and increased visibility for our client.

Our Approach

Commuter delays are a hot topic in the UK and have been for a few years, but we knew with the additional pressures of train strikes and adverse weather in winter that they were likely to become even more popular topics of conversation towards the end of the year.

As a result, we worked with a number of online databases and data sources to analyse train delays over the last 12 months and identify which stations had the highest (and lowest) percentage of delays, giving some useful insight to commuters!

Once we had collated and analysed the information, we pulled together a number of articles including regional lists to target specific publications. We also pulled together unique media lists which were targeted based on the individual press releases, to ensure that we had clear angles for each of our outreach pushes, allowing us to maximise regional visibility.

Our Coverage

Links Achieved
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Midlands train station named as second worst in country for delays and cancellations

Leicester was ranked joint second with Wolverhampton on 62% while other stations in the top 10 for delays and cancellations included Birmingham New Street and Coventry, analysis from TonerGiant revealed.

The Top 10 Worst Train Stations In The UK For Cancellations Are Revealed

TonerGiant have crunched the numbers to find out which UK train station is the biggest culprit for train cancellations, and the study shows that Preston railway station comes out on top.

UK’s worst commute for workers

Manchester Oxford Road has been named the worst train station in the UK for commuters, with only 35% of trains actually arriving on time.

Mixed views from passenger as Wolverhampton Railway Station 'among the worst for cancellations'

For many commuters on the rail network, one of the biggest issues they face is the possibility of their journeys being hindered by delays and cancellations.

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