Case Study:
Patient Claim Line

Thought Leadership / Expert Commentary

Using Expert Commentary To Showcase Expertise And Build Brand Trust

The Project

Patient Claim Line are a market leader in the medical negligence space, a space which is incredibly competitive and as such, increasing visibility, gaining strong Digital PR awareness and driving links into the website has always been a priority for the brand.

This project was designed to work closely with the SEO campaign to enhance key E-E-A-T signals across the website, build external SEO reputation and showcase those all important external expertise signals to help build overall authority and trust, which are key factors for SEO.

Overall, our goal was to drive relevant, valuable, coverage across mainstream media, build solid links back to the website and showcase the brand’s expertise on external websites.

Our Approach

Our initial approach involved thoroughly researching and understanding the news landscape across a number of our clients key services and how we could utilise the client’s expertise to add value here.

Specifically, we researched specific awareness days where we could help to share informative expertise, helping to flag symptoms and increase awareness in line with timely events throughout the year and then left some time for newsjacking anything which was particularly topical/trending where we could add value. 

Overall the campaign drove great Digital PR visibility for the brand as well as outreaching expertise-led informative comments which are genuinely useful to the user, helping to build overall authority and trust signals as well as important high quality links back to the website.

Our Coverage

Links Achieved
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National Newspapers
Average Domain Rank

Key warning sign of lung cancer which is seen in 70% of cases

Research published in the British Medical Journal revealed that 70 percent of patients with lung cancer suffer from dyspnoea - a symptom that can come on suddenly.

Cancer: The sign in your lower back that could be a ‘red flag’ symptom - ‘Watch out’

ALTHOUGH cancer can be a daunting prospect, being able to spot the warning signs and symptoms can help pick up the condition early. An expert has shared the red flags to spot when it comes to cervical cancer, which affects nearly 3,200 people every year.

'Red flag' warning signs that could be deadly sepsis

Sepsis kills thousands of people in the UK each year, and urgent treatment is vital.

Bowel cancer ‘red flag’ symptoms and signs to look out for

Bowel cancer is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer in both men and women across Scotland.


The Digital PR team at Cedarwood are second-to-none. I have worked with numerous agencies in the past who have offered a service such as this, but never received such excellent results.

The team have a very sophisticated approach, working closely with the internal SEO experts to ensure that all links generated are of a high quality and pass value onto our domain.

The Digital PR team have an excellent understanding of our (numerous) brands, and are capable of taking sometimes quite a dry subject matter and turning this into compelling campaigns that are popular with mainstream press. We regularly feature in publications such as The Daily Mail, The Express, The Sun and Manchester Evening News – all with links back to our website, which is a challenge many other agencies are nervous to tackle.

Charlotte Rennox

Head Of Organic Search

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