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Case Study

Fletchers Solicitors are medical negligence specialists based in Manchester & Southport. Working with Fletchers for the last five years we have helped to shape their overall PPC offering, grown their consumer brand Patient Claim Line from start-up to market leader & helped to grow one of the biggest medical negligence teams in the UK.

The Project

Fletchers tasked us initially with providing a solid PPC strategy to grow their presence in the medical negligence market. This came in a number of formats: maintaining the presence of the key brand “Fletchers Solicitors”, growing the presence of an existing brand “Medical Compensation4U” & launching & building the presence of a new brand “Patient Claim Line” which would be backed by television advertising & an offline marketing strategy.

The Approach

Our PPC approach focused on a mixture of the latest Google products to ensure that we had a good marketing mix of awareness & conversion products. By creating highly targeted ad campaigns we were able to compete on key terms while keeping budget in check & this, supported by a strong on-site conversion rate, allowed us to run a profitable acquisition strategy for the business.

Our focus has been on innovation, using market-leading products & being first to market for a range of strategies & approaches. In many instances, this has given us a competitive edge & allowed us to maximise efficiencies across the campaign to deliver great results.

Since the inception of the campaign it has grown nearly four-fold & our strategies have grown in line with this. Adopting & utilising new products & finding the right balance of existing products has been key here – we also adopt a testing-heavy approach which ensures we test all possible opportunities allowing us often to find those that our competitors haven’t.

The Results

Since its inception three years ago we have helped to grow Patient Claim Line from a start-up through to a well-recognised brand which now controls over 20% of the market share in medical negligence. Off the back of this we have helped to grow the largest medical negligence team in the UK.

We have gained high-quality links from various sites including:

Our pragmatic approach to PPC allows us to stay ahead of the curve in an increasingly competitive market & we have utilised new technology, new strategies & constant refinement to ensure we stay ahead of our competitors. Our constant refinement & testing has ensured that our CTR, CPA & Quality Scores have remained high across the board, ensuring that we hit target each month & in most cases, improve further. This has resulted in strong growth across the campaign & a solid, long-term partnership. 

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