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In 2019, digital marketing spend will overtake TV advertising spend for the first time. For many it’s a daunting thought, especially when it comes to choosing how, when, and where to spend your budget to maximise your investments.

Cedarwood Digital is your partner when it comes to digital strategy. We work with your marketing goals and teams to align a digital marketing approach that complements and builds on your greatest assets – your people, your products, and your services.

We work with your strengths and build a strategy to maximise output – ensuring that you see a visible, tangible ROI, across all of your campaigns.

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Search Engine Optimisation

Our SEO strategies are designed to not just bring traffic to your website – they’re designed to make it convert.

PPC Management

Full Google AdWords & Bing Ads PPC Management. Our strategies cover Google Search, Shopping, Display, Video & Mobile.

Online PR

From setting up interviews with national newspapers to featuring your content in magazines, our online PR strategies boost your brand's visibility where it matters.

Training and Consultation

The digital skills gap is widening – get ahead of the pack with our range of in-house & business training options – tailored to meet your needs.

Digital Solutions
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Hayes Garden World
Plastic Card Services


"Cedarwood are professional, friendly and extremely efficient. Communication is always relevant and the understanding they have of our business and sector is hugely reassuring."
Hayes Garden World
Lyndan Orvis, Head of Online Development
“Cedarwood Digital have delivered impressive results for PPC and SEO. They’ve dramatically optimised our campaigns, reducing spend whilst still maximising ROI.”
Watches2U International
Faisal Bhatti, COO

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